Konus eversince produced hunting and shooting riflescopes with the best “value for money” in the market and is now celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Konus riflescopes was founded in 1979 in the beautiful Italian city of Verona, the hometown of the famous Shakespearean lovers Romeo and Juliet.

What started as a humble one man operation has since evolved into a large global organization with a strong presence in both the European and U.S. markets and with an extensive network of international distributors that currently encompasses 76 Countries.

Widely renowned as a true specialist of riflescopes, Konus has made a name for itself because of its cutting-edge and innovation-driven approach to the market. As its company philosophy, Konus has always strived to combine a superlative level of quality with some unique and exclusive specifications that set its products apart from the competition.

Over the course of its history, the brand has therefore become a major reference for avid hunters and sportsmen that are consistently looking for the opportunity to maximize their experience on the field.

For example, Konus was the first brand to develop an entire catalogue of riflescopes with engraved reticle, thus making available to the public a very special feature that was previously limited to military models.

Rather than being realized with a metal wire, these reticles are laser-etched onto precision glass and are therefore guaranteed to withstand even the punishing recoil of the most powerful firearms without breaking, snapping or dislodging. This kind of performance makes the Konus riflescopes ideally suited for the fast-growing industry of airguns as well.

Another accomplishment of the company was the creation of the acclaimed Konuspro M-30 series, combining some of the most advanced technology and the most professional specifications that the market had ever seen. Another notable milestone was the release of the super compact Konuspro T-30 series, tailor-made for the supremely demanding tactical shooters.

Konus was also the first brand to introduce a revolutionary series of riflescopes (named Konuspro F-30) offering the incomparable advantages of the reticle on the first focal plane at an extremely affordable price. Highly appreciated by the marksmen of the most decorated military corps for its utmost precision and ease of use, this particularly complex construction system had always been prohibitively priced in the past. By making the first focal plane technology available at a fraction of its normal cost, Konus has therefore been a true pioneer in the optical industry and has opened up an enormous opportunity for every long-distance, target and bench-rest shooterthat is tight on budget.

In 2019, Konus is introducing what is believed to be the biggest revolution in the field of consumer optics and the riflescope that makes every other model obsolete and outdated.

A worldwide exclusivity and the result of a decade-long engineering project, the Konuspro EL-30 is a one-of-a-kind electronic riflescope that is finally bringing the industry into the 21st Century. It takes advantage of an unique and patented LCD technology that provides you with 10 interchangeable reticles for long distance shooting, intermediate use, tactical and hunting.

This is therefore the most advanced and the most versatile model in the market, a truly universal riflescope that has unlimited potential with every avid sportsman out there. And this ground-breaking innovation is supremely affordable as well, with a retail price that is as low as US$ 399. There is simply no comparable article in the market and this is the unique opportunity that Konus is now making available to its customers.

Konus has recently entered the category of Night Vision riflescopes as well, by releasing its first model of this kind.

Suitable for both daytime and nighttime, the Konuspro-NV is a highly professional 3-8×50 unit with digital technology and zoom power. It comes with an infra-red illuminator for total darkness and a sturdy metal body that will withstand any kind of abuse while on the field.

On top of its optical quality and image resolution, ranking among the best of the industry, this product also includes an internal SD-card that will enable you to take pictures and record videos of what you are observing.

In view of 2020, Konus has several new and exciting projects in the works and is expected to release some even more advanced and more professional versions of its best-selling articles, backed by a warranty and an after-sale service that are second to none.

In particular, the company is investing heavily into its patented LCD technology and is therefore planning to implement several improvements for the Konuspro EL-30 series, such as the side parallax adjustment and the reticle illumination. So chances are that the next 40 years of the company’s history will turn out to be even more successful and exciting.


en la orientación hacia el mercado

en el excelente diseño y en el producto de calidad al justo precio

en la fuerza financiera

en los estables y consistentes surtidos en el almacén

Nuestra empresa fu fondada en 1979 en Verona. Desde hace el entonces hemos tenido una clara visión del la empresa: queremos proporcionar productos funcionales de alta calidad, suportados por un servicio completo, para brindar una satisfacción total al consumidor. A lo largo de los años esta visión se ha convertido en la misión de nuestra empresa.

KONUS se ha expandido por todo el mundo gracias a una red de sociedades subsidiarias y de distribuidores.

KONUS cree en la fuerza financiera y en una fiable y eficaz organización, gracias a su Responsable y a su Propiedad, que tienen una línea directa con la base clientes. Podemos definir nuestra relación abastecedores / clientes como inmediata en el proceso de toma de decisiones que concierne problemas de ineficiencias y retrasos.

KONUS ofrece una amplia gama de productos que determina una significativa presencia en varios repartos de los centros comerciales. El resultado es una mejor y más significativa relación vendedor / detallista. Desarrollamos diversas categorías de productos que se completan la una con la otra permitiendo al consumidor múltiples empleos y finalidades. Por eso se logra una mayor visibilidad del nombre que mejora la fidelidad a la marca por parte de los usuarios. Cada categoría de productos tiene su propia identidad y es suportada por su propia actividad promocional, para brindar a los detallistas eficaces herramientas de venta.

Todos los productos llevan un manual de instrucciones en 8 lenguas (inglés, español, italiano, alemán, francés, holandés, portugués y griego) y eso puede representar una ventaja considerable.