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The best value for the money on the market!

Since its foundation in 1979, Konus has prided itself in offering plenty of unique and exclusive products that feature a superlative level of quality at a never-before-seen price.

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Our satisfied customers:

Great optical performance, excellent price/quality ratio, fully satisfactory results.It’s incredible to have this level of precision with so litle expense, compared to the competition.


I had my doubts, given the convenient cost. But I had to change my mind: it’s really great.
Installed on my M4 it’s really perfect.


Scope of unbeatable value for money. I read on various forums that in 2017 they improved the lenses brightness, which was already excellent to begin with. Just a few clicks to calibrate it once it is mounted, taken for a pcp, and it’s great with 50m shots.

Wolff 77

Excellent, great quality of the lenses.

Falco Baffoni