Eletronic Dots

Sight Pro hunting pointers: in rough terrain, adverse weather conditions, low light and high stress levels, even the most experienced hunter is put to the test.

Whether you are in the thick of the forest hunting for wild boar or at the post waiting for the lightning fast exit of the wild, your ideal companion is the “red dot“.

Field tests by thousands of experienced hunters have shown that the single red dot reticle is the fastest on the target.

The red dot guarantees the maximum probability of a hit with moving targets.

With Konus Sight Pro hunting pointers, you never have to worry about the parallax effect and collimate the red dot with your eye.

When you see the point on the target, you’re ready to shoot.

The Sight Pro Konus with red point without parallax are extremely precise and perfect for shooting in the thick of the forest as in wild boar hunting.

This can mean the difference between a clean kill and the irresponsible injury of an animal or worse a completely off target shot.

Konus’ Sight Pro red dots sights give you more confidence in aiming and allow you to stay on target and shoot with both eyes open.

If you are a wild boar hunter with a passion for jokes or a sport shooter in a competition, the fractions of a second of target acquisition are essential.

Whether you have a rifle, a gun, or even a bow, Konus has the hunting optics for you.

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