The exceptional resolution of our target shooting scopes, along with the excellent lens coatings and construction techniques perfected over more than 30 years of activity, make every Konus shooting optics something extraordinary.

Each of our competition optics includes special glasses, for a superb color contrast correction and high resolution.

The strenght of the Konus range of riflescopes is the extraordinary transmission of light, which approaches the maximum ever reached in any pointing scope.

The eyepiece is in European style with fast engage.

Fantastic for long distance shooting, light but robust and withstand any kind of recoil of the weapon very well.

You will not find a better solution on the market for your shooting rifle. Konus scopes afre the best riflescopes for the money.

We have studied and realized these optics to allow you to compete at any level with a lens with the right cost faithful to our motto: “The Best Value for money“:

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