Thermal monoculars systems

Konus is proud to release its brand new series of Thermal Monoculars.

Hunting becomes a special challenge at night.

The risk of misjudging nature is very high, the darkness limits visibility, and the hunter’s skills are reduced to a minimum.

Twilight, however, is still the most fascinating time to hunt, especially with nocturnal animals such as wild boars, wolves, and foxes.

With Konus Flame, the new thermal imager, target acquisition is fast and intuitive in any light condition. Darkness will no longer be a problem. Konus Flame was developed in collaboration with hunters in the field.

The new range of thermal monoculars are featuring an enhanced electro-optical sensor to go along with the most advanced image processing technology.

Our # 7950 and # 7951 Flame models are therefore able to display with unparalleled accuracy the heat emitted by animals, humans and terrain in daytime or at night, thus ensuring that you will immediately find and identify what you are searching for.

In low visibility environments detect humans, animals, and objects makes somethimes the difference and good thermal monoculars they do it.

The FLAME are built with the best usability possible in mind. These monoculars can be connected via wi-fi which allows user to watch the real time video, take picture and record video on smartphone or tablet. Internal menu items and options are also displayed on a contrasting gradient substrate so you can see the settings without losing sight of your focus.

The Flame range of night visor systems makes outdoor thermography more accessible than ever with the ability to see heat points in total darkness.
Pocket sized and designed for one hand use, the Flames have a simple design and intuitive interface.
FLAME monoculars are also usefoul night vision tools for personal and home security and professional srveillance.

In navigation a Flame monocular could save your boat and life providing reliable vision for  safer navigation and complete awareness of the situation in the darkness.

The value for the money ratio is unbeatable as always.

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