Konustex hunting socks

Konustex presents a wide range of thermal, breathable, antibacterial, hunting socks designed for all types of hunting activities.

Models for long waitings at the post during the wild boar hunting for exciting mountain walks in search of the most beautiful chamois trophy.

Our socks are also perfect for fishing and nature observation as well as all outdoor activities.

The Konustex are socks designed to be more compact, thick and protective in those areas of maximum adherence, guaranteeing comfort during the activity.


Hunters know cold and bad weather very well, just as they know how important it is to have dry, well-conditioned feet.

Konustex socks offer maximum comfort during hunting.

The Konustex do not squeeze in the foot and maintain perfect blood circulation even after long stalking.

They also quickly expel the moisture of the skin by conveying it to the surface of the sock.

In this way the feet remain dry in any hunting situation, even the most extreme.

In addition to guaranteeing incredible comfort, the high leg of this sock is ideal for the cold and humidity of autumn and winter.

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