On the equipment that you can not go wrong with in order to have a great hunt day, the shoes that you wear is for sure one of the most important because choose wrong shose can cause discomfort or injuries.

Choose the right shoes is one of the most important decision that you will make and so it needs some quite and leran more about it is essential before buy them. So let’s try to diffidate high-sounding advertising or message that promise high performance without motivate them and try to understand which are the distinctive features between the models and most of all what you have to buy for the type of hunt that you are going to do because is useless deluding on oneself that with only a pair of shoes you can do everything: every items is developed for specific situation that you have to keep in mind.


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The first crossroad is to understand if you are practicing an active type of hunt, where you have to move, walk and make a some pursuits and run, or if your is an hide hunting.

In the first scenario theconfort have to be the first requirement because spend hours and hours with shoes that not fits you perfectly can be a real nightmare.

So, for sure, your shoes have to be waterproof(because it could rain or you should have to cross a stream), but them have to fit you very well because and they have to be shoes thatprotect your ankle from twist and your toes from bruising.

For the hide hunting is better to choose shoes that offer you thermal insulationand with an excellent waterprooflevel.


If you hunt in mountains is better to take a stiff and high model like our Impervio that protect also your calf from hits and with the rubber perimeter bandthat protects your foot, particularly the big toe.

While if you hunt in hills or countrysides is better to have light and sturdy shoes, that protect the ankle with a medium height like our Incito and Certano models.


Is good to lose from the clichè related to the the brand of the membranes and you have to try to understand how the shoe is built.

Konustex model have the “bootie” constructions, this means that a shoe is inside another shoe. It is a double-layer thet prevent the water to touch the foot, because it have two walls to overcome.

Furthermore the internal membrane goes through a water test and so a potential penetration of water can happens only after protracted immersion through the heath seals, but this case normally does not happen during hunt.


“Vibram” is often enough to have confidence in a sole.

Is good to know that there are differences between the Vibram models and a lot of models have the logo Vibram but the sole is in polyhurethane rubber: that means that the Vibram sole is printed on the shoe and so is stiff and inflexible.

In this case the logo Vibram is printed on the sole, but only the tread is Vibram, not the entire sole, and so it get worned out quickly.

In the Konustex model all the sole is Vibram and not only the tread: for example, the Certano model have three density in the sole: synthetic leather, thermoplastic polyhurethane and rubber.

Every sole is developed for a specific ground, for example if you walk on the mud, a self-cleaning sole is a must have, while if you walk on a slippery ground is important to have well pronounced dowel, and so on…


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Usually the insole is an element which people are not very interested in, but is very important because a chep and synthetic insole can be unpleasant after hours and hours of walk. Our line use synthetic leather anti-bacterial and transpirant insole.

Furthermore our insole are cushioned and shaped, in order to give you the best fellings even after hours and hours.



Given that there are a lot of valid tissues, the hunting shoes are by definition made of leather and the biggets distinction is between the Dakar (less soft, less natural and very fatliquored) and the full-grain leather, as the Certano model, that use firts quality leather.

Obviously all the shoes after the use will get marked, but if the leather is of a good quality, the shoes will remain nice. Is very importan to be informed about the thickness of the leather, because the minimum requirment to have a good quality leather is 1.8mm.


There are a lot of small hidden gems that makes your hunting shoes perfect; in particular we thought that have two sepatrate lacing areas is a plus that make you save times when you have to wear it quickly or when you have only to fix them, or the back tape that can help you to wear the shoes when you don’t have too much time, or again the collar that follow the ankle that increase the wearability.

And also a lot of other things, such as the most durable laces in polyester, the reinforcements on the toe and heel and theinternal cover.

All of this to say thet the perfect shoes must not leaving anything to chance because there are a lot of details that compose a shoes.

Konustexmodels are developed following the request of hunters like you that, using a lot of models, know well the small details that can be improved in order to make a perfect shoes.

We listend and learn from these advices and we hope that you will find in our line the answer that you were looking for.


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