Tested for you by Marco Benecchi (famous hunter, journalist, blogger): THE NEW KONUSTEX GAMEXEL JACKET

I don’t think there are any more doubts that in the hunting, and in particular in the shooting with the rifle, the quality and the workmanship of a good head of glare are of fundamental importance.

How we are dressed can depend on the outcome of the joke and not least, the guarantee of our personal safety. Sometimes it is enough to look at what a hunter wears to understand what hunting techniques practice or prefers and, for this reason, the KONUS produces a complete line of clothing that can satisfy the most demanding hunters, both sports and professionals.

At KONUS, to produce their sportswear, they used the most advanced products offered on the market Hi. Tech.

In the new catalog Konustex Action & Performance, you can find the garment suitable for both the hunter of plain, swamp and mountain, both for those who want to face the great wild in the woods and steppes around the world.

Because, as you know, it is not the same thing to practice the hunting from stalking to the anatids in the middle of winter, maybe semi-immersed in the icy water, and to practice it to the sedentary game immediately after the opening.

In the wake of a philosophy rooted and tested over time, Konustex clothing has been conceived “expressly for hunters”.

Each garment is the result of a complex study, resulting from a perfect combination of the passion for hunting of numerous testers and environmental adaptability.

Complex studies and a long experience acquired over the years, combined with numerous tests carried out on various hunting grounds, are the result of a solid company know-how.

The choice of efficient materials and the use of state-of-the-art technologies combine to offer all parts of the body maximum protection against the adverse forces of nature.

In designing jackets, jackets, parkas, and trousers, not only wind, rain and cold were considered, but also thorny bushes and impenetrable brambles that are ubiquitous in forests, forests, and tundras at all latitudes.

Of an unbeatable solidity, the clothes signed Konustex guarantee the hunter-sportsman who wears them a feeling of remarkable comfort, which allows him to completely live his passion in complete freedom.

The softness of the fabrics used facilitates adaptation to the morphology of each individual hunter, further increasing the effectiveness even when wearing a robust but at the same time elegant dress.

The range available is able to seduce every category of sporty more demanding, the jacket, or rather the suit jacket – pants that we decided to try for you is the model GAMEXEL, specifically designed to give maximum comfort to Italian hunters who love a simple, practical, light but comfortable piece of clothing.

Already the choice of the greenwood with which it is proposed says it all about its main destination: the hunting of selection to the great European ungulates to the search and also to the appearance.

Konus guarantees the parka up to temperatures not very rigid, but that is able to protect well even from the wind.

Like all Konustex clothing, this jacket is odorless, stain-resistant, anti-mold-resistant, breathable, water-repellent, puncture-resistant and also quite silent.

The jackets GAMEXEL are equipped with a comfortable removable hood of new conception, which is a real protection and with a superfluous gadget.

The body ventilation is guaranteed by a valid filtration system through a microfiber lining and all the most important and/ or exposed parts such as closing hinges are reinforced. One choice that we really liked was to limit the pockets to the essentials.

In the GAMEXEL there are only those that are needed, so as not to create unnecessary holds or ledges that could hinder movements during the hunt.

For the same reason, all hinges are made of synthetic material, practically indestructible, and very quiet.

The jacket is made of polyamide, a very common composition in modern quality products.

The aesthetic deserves a separate discussion. In our opinion, it is really a great jacket because it aims at the essential without unnecessary frills, with a look that is both aggressive and elegant.

Today the Konus is no longer just the name of a great brand of optical sights and dedicated accessories, but a real Griffe that many hunters are appreciating. As we have seen, wearing the right clothing as shape, as quality of fabrics, and as coloring, can be really useful on the hunting ground.

Currently, Konustex has in its catalog a large sample of models made with ultra-modern fabrics and materials, able to meet every need.

When we decide to practice a certain hunting technique we must carefully take care of the right combination of weapon, caliber, ammunition, and accessories, but I think that clothing must always come first because it makes no sense to go to the edge of a field, of a cut or close to a rocky ridge if then in the decisive moment we could suffer the cold or the heat.

Since the current market offers great products, I think it is our duty to buy the best!