Archery might appear as a secluded activity if compared to the other sports that moves much more viewers and sponsor, but is anactivity full of history and tradition, that need specifics abilities.
In fact, to hit the target, you need an unusual eye-hand coordination together with a remarkable self control and determination to always improve.

This is why we got in touch with thecompund archery and we met the young italian talent of this speciality, Valentino de Angeli.
li is just 18 years old but his sports qualities already stands out and gives him the awards at a lot of championship the he attends, for example, only in 2019, the TRUBALL/AXCELL ROMA ARCHERY TROPHY in Rome, theEUROPEA YOUTH CUP 1ST LEG in Slovenia, the SAMSUN 2019 EUROPEAN INDOOR ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIP in Turkey, the NIMES ARCHERY TOURNAMENT in France, theEUROPEAN YOUTH CUP in Romania and the WORLD ARCHERY YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP in Spain.

We can say the national archery youth team never rest, if we consider also the quantity of practice that they need to compete at a such high level.

Valentino, with passion and the support of his family, has travelled, known ups and down and he keep on to test himself as a champion have to do tirelessly. At 18 years old his resumè is awesome and we are full of pride when we say that he always bring with him a Konus binocular, he trusts it and it never failed.

The compound bow is a bow that use a system of pulleys in order to direct better the arrow and reduce the strain of tension This kind of bow allows the user to give to the arrown more energy and to be more accurate in the aiming. The arrows used are made in aluminumor carbon fiber, but you can find them also in other materials.

The size and the kind of rod of the arrows is determined by the quality of the bow and of the archer, so every archer has got a lot of arrows with him. The inertia of the arrow, in fact, depends on which material is it build and on power with it is released from the bow.

Is objective that in order to practice this sportyou have to be confident with the target, understand how to aim at the best and then also be able to see the results of your throws; at this point enter the game an important item that is the binocular. The binocular, in fact, not only magnify the image but enhances the brightness and the clearness, in order to identify small details that without this instruments are in second plane.

A binocular is an essential partner for an archer and Valentino excellently choose a KONUSREX. A top-of-the-range Konus binocular that features a function aesthetic together with a waterproofand rubber body and a stunning optical quality. Its Silver Coating treatment completely eliminate any chromatic aberration and reflection, making the view almost perfect.

Furthermore the big eyepieces allows the item to receive a large quantity of light and consequenlty to observe with a huge brightness, togeteher with the usual optical and mechanical quality of the Konus products. The Konusrex is also a grandangular binocular, that means that it frames a wider field of view if compared to a normal binocular, allowing a better mastery of the target.

Valentino says:

In this period I am using a Konusrex 10×50 and I have to say that is absolutely functional and performing for the archery. I believe that this item is perfect for all the archers that are looking for a binocular with an high quality that can help them to reach their goals

For the people who are just entering in the world of archery and that wants to contain the costs, a good entry level is the #2327 Titanium O.H. 8×42, that for sure have less magnification and field of view if compared to the Konusrex, but thank to its Bak-4 prisms and the extralarge eyepieces can carry out its function exalting the performer of the archer.

In the archery the most common item is the spotting scope and the people who are entering this world usually are geared to a small model considering that you don’t need a a big objective to frame the target.
The best seller Konus model in this market is the #7128 Konuspot-65, because it allows to have a zoom magnification from 15x to 45x and it features multicoated optics, that means that not only the external surfaces has been treated, but also the surfaces of the internal prisms, and this difference, even if affect the production costs, allows to elevate the optical quality obtaining sharper images.

This model features a table tripod, a professional bag and a special camera adapter.
Thank to the smartphone adapter you can take pictures and recording videos of what you are observing and if you want to use a Reflex camera, in the box you will also find the adapater, that together with the T-2 rings that you have to buy separately, will connect the camera to the eyepiece of the spotting scope.

Obviously the archer need a tripodfor the spotting scope, and here Konus offer the model #1954 3-Pod 4 that, thanks to its 3 sections, can be regulated at different heights.
This is a model that easy to place that to the two level bubbles, and features an head with quick release system, a professional bag, rubber tip and a maximum height of 168 cms.
Not to be overlooked the low weight, because an archer have a lot of thisgs to bring and a light tripod like this, which weight is only 2.3 kgs, is appreciable for its practicality.

In order to determine in a easy and fast way the distance of the target, we suggest a rangefinder in order to measure it. In the Konus range, you can find rangefinders that measure 600 mts, 700 mts and 1500 mts. Speaking about archery, the basic model #7314 RF700 is suitable because, even if is a first price model, thanks to ist scan mode, allows you to measure you can read the different distances on the display. Furthermore it can be used also in bad weather conditions at it portable thanks to is small dimension and weight.

We wish Valentino to reach new goals, to always look forward even in a such difficult period that limits it activities and we hope to acompany him with our products to other new successes.

You can follow Valentino and his team on Facebook at the following link: