Today we know a friend of Konus who in the last year has tested various products and has helped to promote and develop the brand thanks to a lively experience on the shooting range.

Hi Domenico,

How was your passion for shooting born?

My approach to the world of weapons began many years ago when due to my professional deformation, already working as an instructor as a member of the Police Force, I felt the need to improve myself and compare myself with civilians. I have always thought and considered above all the word KNOWING, because for me it is essential to KNOW, I felt the need to improve myself and be constantly updated, I felt the need to learn, I felt the need to be in contact with people and that is why I started to take my first steps in a National Shooting Shooting.

How did a passion turn into a profession?

I would not call it a profession, for me, it is a way of conveying my KNOWLEDGE to others, communication is essential, today you cannot support yourself only by being an instructor, it is essential to have a basic job that allows you to face the expenses of every day.

What path do you need to take to become a shooting instructor?

In order to be an Instructor you must have a qualification recognized by CONI and you have two possibilities or better two paths to follow, the first is to take an Instructor course through a Sports Promoting Body that issues certificates that are recognized and valid for administrative purposes. The second path is that of National Shooting which trains Institutional Instructors.

How much effort is there behind the qualifications you have achieved?

I must admit that there are many sacrifices to be made not only in terms of time to devote to my constant training and my workouts but also in terms of money.

There are courses to be taken, constant training sessions and updates to be carried out in order to always stay informed and prepared.

As in all things, if you believe in what you do you have to make efforts by subtracting the time that maybe you could have dedicated to doing something else, so you must have priorities, but all this is supported by a deep passion helps to overcome any obstacle. We must organize !!!

What requirements do you need to have in order to participate in your courses? Are they challenging?

My courses do not require special requirements, you must be of age in addition to having a firearm license.

My basic activities, having developed the programs in a sectoralized way, have been divided for civilians, for the security sector, and for the military. As in any course activity, the commitment on the part of the attendant must always be there, also because we always talk about ARMS.

The word SAFETY reigns supreme during my activities, while the courses begin to be challenging when using primary and secondary weapons at the same time, this means that the degree of attention of the student must be very HIGH and his preparation cannot be improvisation.

What encouragement would you give to a young person who wants to approach the world of shooting?

I would comfort him by telling him before trying it as a sport because it helps him to be focused, motivated, and always looking for perfection.

In fact, shooting, especially sports shooting, is an adrenaline-pumping discipline that tests the shooter and induces him to compete with himself before the others. Then there are many shooting-related activities that help to improve and specialize.

What led you to approach the Konus company?

I strongly believe in Italian companies and that is why I invited the CEO of the aforementioned company to develop a line of clothing and materials for sport shooting and law enforcement since my origins come from that world.

Let’s say that at the beginning it was a bet for both of us and that day after day our partnership has strengthened.

With my experience in the field, I am able to test and develop the different products that are entrusted to me, then I propose my ideas for the design and creation of new products useful for the various activities carried out in the polygon, trying to bring innovation and comfort.

Why do you think that your experience with the use of Konus or Konustex products could be an extra guarantee for the user?

I started from the base doing a lot of apprenticeships and before becoming a MASTER I practiced various sports that helped me in my professional growth, during all these years my experience has improved and enriched to the point of understanding what to use as products and above all why.

Having tried several products from Konus and Konustex I can guarantee that they are the right compromise of quality at the right price, and also offer a range of products for hunting and shooting, outdoor, science, and a line of technical clothing designed and designed to accommodate body movements.

MICCOLI Domenico Anna Alberto

Military Shooting and Operating Techniques Instructor

Chief Instructor I.T.C.A. – International Tactical Combat Academy

Co-Founder and I.T.C.A. Instructor – Italy

National Technical Operational Referent Training A.S.I. Shooting / CONI

MASTER – National Trainer and Instructor A.S.I. Shooting / CONI

Member of ILEETA 22823 (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association)