What better opportunity to encourage new generations to enter the world of sport shooting than to retrace its history with our testimonial Perretta? In an honest interview we find “the sacred fire” that every shooter hatches and we like to think that some undecided may want to test themselves thanks to his words.

 • Who to turn to to start shooting?

To undertake the sport shooting activity, to have all the information, just go to an ASD that practices this discipline. Specifically, you can go to the federal structures, in our case we have many Fidasc Centers throughout Italy and there, together with specialized technicians, you can find all help and explanations to better undertake this sport.

Today on social networks we try to make our passion known to everyone, we shooters are available to any kind of question and perplexity. Ready to help and follow anyone who wants to try their hand at the shooting lines.

 • Do you think it was difficult for you to obtain a firearm license?
Obtaining the p.d.a for sports use, with the new regulations could seem complicated, but having all the parameters and the papers in order in a few months you can get it.

Throughout the process it is necessary to have an amnestic certificate from the attending physician, which will be presented to the local ASL where, after several specific examinations, a medical-legal certificate will be obtained. After that it will be necessary to attach the certificate of handling weapons obtained from a national TSN and everything will be delivered to the barracks or the police station competent for the territory where you reside. Once this is done, all the requirements will be ascertained by the authorities and the license will be obtained.

• Is your discipline as an endowment expensive?

To undertake this discipline, it is not necessary to start from very expensive equipment, but rather with simple tools, weapons with a not particularly expensive caliber; for my opinion and experience you have to start with practicing in a simple way.

After choosing the right weapon, at that moment you have to choose the right scope for the path you want to take. Next, you have to think about the correct cartridge, according to the discipline you want to play.

To date, I personally still use a commercial cartridge, but a good choice for those who use the rifle is the refill.

• On what criteria did you choose your weapon?

When I started my adventure with the rifled barrel 3 years ago, I was unaware of any technique and experience.

It was at that moment that I decided to entrust myself to the field shooting technicians, who advised me on a caliber suited to my aptitudes. I believe that it was essential for me to be able to undertake these disciplines, to be followed in the best possible way, as in all sports there is a need for excellent trainers.

 • Which Konus optics model do you use? Would you recommend it?

My experience with rifle shooting also paved the way for my first Konus, a simple scope to get started. I was equipped with a 3-12×50 and it was already giving me excellent results. For some months I have chosen to improve the Konuspro M-30 cod. 7289 with magnifications 12.5-50 × 56.

I found myself in front of me, a perfect vision even in low light. For us shooters, after firing, it is essential to see the exact point of impact, in order to correct the direction of our shot to the millimeter.

A very good product in terms of really excellent quality / price. It is often believed that to have excellent results you have to spend very high prices, with Konus this does not happen, we have excellent quality, with very high performance.

I often invite you to try it, I take friends and onlookers with me to test the various shooting distances on the field to make them realize that it really has nothing to envy to other brands on the trade and that it is an excellent investment.

scopers precision long range ottiche da tiro a lunga distanza bench rest Konus

• Why did you take up this passion?

I had been attending the FIDASC shooting ranges with my husband (boyfriend at the time) for several years and I attended various competitions and therefore a little curiosity began to be felt. I remember exactly those days, when other girls who have now become friends convinced me to try, to take up a rifle for the first time, I immediately realized that I wanted to do it.

It was something new for me, but it gave me so much satisfaction. The smell of gunpowder and the strong family bond I had with my first weapon was the springboard for me to bond even more to these disciplines.

Then a few years later I perfectly remember my first encounter with a rifled barrel, love at first sight !! After repeatedly hitting a gong placed 100 meters away, I understood that it was the way to go, to cultivate, because that was what motivated me the most.

• Do you think that being a woman who shoots may have caused you difficulties or have you always been well received?

Often in everyday life I find myself having to explain why I frequent shooting ranges or possess weapons. Many times it has happened to be observed that little bit more when I enter the armory to buy ammunition, obviously male gazes, which do not expect a woman to make certain choices.

Most of the time, however, they are curious and admiring glances and I have often heard them comment on how much they wanted their wives and companions to pursue these passions with them. I have always been, since I was a girl, a woman who is always firm and determined on my choices and very independent, I have fought many struggles against male chauvinism.

Where is it written that a woman cannot shoot and cannot even be better than many men? Within our sports federation, in the last period there has been an exponential growth of the female world, this suggests that prejudices are disappearing. For the moment, however, still being the only woman from Caserta to practice these disciplines encourages me even more to continue and involve other women.

• In terms of time, how many hours do you have to dedicate to training?
Unfortunately, training is not easy, as I do not yet have suitable facilities in the Caserta area. About twice a month on weekends I try to go to our Fidasc Federal School located in Campagna (Sa), there I stay a few times whole days, for calibration and to try the various types of disciplines, from 50 m, the 100 meters on the 4 positions and the 200m.

 • What do you remember about your first race?

I faced my first competition with a naive unawareness: I had neither tension nor fears.

I was there simply to have fun, the race went far beyond my expectations, my first podium arrived, we brought a gold medal to Campania with the Lady team and a 2nd individual place came for me.

My first championship, my first medals, together with those girls who had told me the year before to try … it was an immense emotion !!

• How do you live the competitions?

I try, as much as possible, to live the competitions with calm and serenity.

Unlike the first championship where I was just a “novice”, today I feel more tension.

Impossible to deny that when you find yourself on the platform the adrenaline rises. At that moment you are alone, you and your target in front of you, you have to become one with your weapon, disconnect every thought from your mind and think only of what you have to do “breathe, aim, shoot” !!

• Have you ever lost your motivation? How do you manage to recharge?

My motto in life has always been this “Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it”.
Just in the last few months, during a championship, I made some mistakes. Initially I was very demoralized, but when I returned home I did not give up, I studied, I tried to understand where the problem had been.

And to recharge and get the situation back in hand it was enough to go back to the field and train. Until I managed to do what I said and not the other way around.

• Do you have any advice for those who want to take up this sport?

What I can recommend is first of all to go to our Fidasc schools located throughout Italy.

You can contact us athletes, with specialized technicians who will be able to satisfy any doubts and perplexities, even for those who have never shot, they will know how to direct you, evaluating the skills of each individual person.

Spending a day on one of our shooting ranges, together with athletes who have conquered the most coveted podiums will certainly lead you to decide to start trying. It will give you the right energy and a great desire to get involved.

Thanks Maria Grazia because your words show your determination and dedication in cultivating a sport that always knows how to repay those who practice it. Thank you also because you are an example for newbies and because we like to imagine shooting fields that are increasingly frequented by girls as well.
I wish you to be able to tell us more about so many races and so many successes!