Technology, in the last 10 years, has really made great strides. For this reason, it was only a matter of time for an object as useful as torches to make up for lost ground. The invention of the LED (light-emitting diode) has served to replace the old “light bulbs”, which standard torches have used for years to illuminate the path even in the darkest and most stormy nights.

If you are looking for a reliable but extremely compact flashlight at the right price, then you should definitely take a look at the KONUSLIGHT 2K #3930

The product of the Italian company Konus Italia group spa was made with quality materials, which results in a very resistant casing and is suitable to withstand even accidental impacts. Surely, this flashlight was designed with the intention of building a product that could last a very long time, for years!


torcia konuslight2 working modes:

this flashlight has 2 working modes: sidelight and led top light.

You can press the button on the front to change the light (intensity) and type of function according to your needs.

Among the peculiar properties, it produces a light beam of 1000 lumens which can even be increased to 2000 lumens for a period of 40 seconds.

This model can also transform into a 500 lumens lantern with 100% and 20% power.

Strong magnetic base:

Equipped with a strong magnet on the bottom, this light can firmly stick to any metal surface, even stick to a key, so it can free your hands.

You just have to focus on what you are doing.

Scope of application:

tactical/military, maintenance, emergency, camping, travel, hiking, workshop, garage, power outage, home lighting, night work, etc.

In the package, you will also find the USB cable that allows you to recharge it in 4 hours.



Review by Domenico Miccoli

Military Shooting and Operating Techniques Instructor
Chief Instructor I.T.C.A. – International Tactical Combat Academy
Co-Founder and I.T.C.A. Instructor – Italy
National Technical Operational Referent Training A.S.I. Shooting / CONI
MASTER – National Trainer and Instructor A.S.I. Shooting / CONI