Since 1944, the renowned U.S. magazine Gun Digest has been the world’s leading authority on guns and firearms. Its field tests are supremely valuable for consumers that want to learn as much as possible whenever an exciting novelty hits the market. This is why Konus is especially proud to announce that our # 7330 Konuspro EL-30 riflescope was featured in a 5-page article and was also mentioned on the cover of Gun Digest’s November issue.
worldwide exclusivity of Konus, the Konuspro EL-30 is so innovative and groundbreaking that every traditional riflescope will instantly look obsolete and outdated by comparison. Its patented LCD technology will let you browse through 10 interchangeable reticles for long distance shooting, intermediate use, tactical and hunting. This is therefore the most technologically advanced scope in the industry and something that no competing brand can offer you.
In its article, Gun Digest greatly praises the Konuspro EL-30 for its unparalleled versatility to go along with a flawless optical and mechanical performance. All of this at a price that can’t be beat: $ 399 retail.