For this 2021 year Konus developed three very interesting new scopes that are going to surprise you because they show a quality improvement, even if there is always the attention to stay in an affordable price range.

Other companies decided to delay the presentation of the new products to a better stability period when the promotions could be done with the traditional system of fairs and events, but Konus decided that the products were ready to go out on the market even if there is an uncertain situation, in order to give its customers the possibility to take advantage of these innovation immediately, most of all in a period that can be penalizing for some companies.

Here you can find the overview of three excellent items that indicate a huge improvement and we are sure that the customer will appreciate.

#7188-#7199 GLORY short and long distance shooting optics

hunting scopesrifle scope red dot

Glory line offers two model with sizes 2-16×50and 3-24×50.

This new line is distinguished for the zoom magnification 8x that is a great advantage because makes these riflescopes versatile and with excellent performances both on short and long distance. Furthermore the zoom is easy to use, thanks to the removable lever: with only the movement of one finger the regolation will be accurate and immediate.

The turrets are blockable and resettable to zero and the affordability of the scope is assured by the new system of the tube that has been tested also with big calibers.

Thelenses are ultra white type and so thelight transmission will result improved. Sunshade and side parallax wheel are other notable details.

hunting scopesrifle optics

#7331 KONUSPRO EL-30 for long distance shooting

A model born from the request of who already tried with satisfaction our exclusive 10 reticles model#7330 EL-30.

This evolution is born from the suggestions that we received in order to create the perfect model.

This new model combines the LCD technology that right now only Konus can offer to the illumination and to the parallax wheel that for the first time has been positioned on the zoom regulation.

Moreover the bell has been increased to 50mm and the zoom magnification 6x-24x makes it perfect for long distance shooting.

This is an incredible model for the features that it offer, and even if it was not easy to realize all the suggestions received, we are proud that all our customers have helped to the development of this complete version of the 10 reticle scope.

hunting rifle scopes

thermal scopes

# 7950-#7951 FLAME Thermal Scopes

For the first time we can introduce you two thermal monoculars produced by Konus.

We are talking about a new adventure that we faced only after accurate tests and suggestions of a lot of experts in this field and the first reactions are enthusiastics.

The base model is the #7950 FLAME 0.5X-2.4X and offers a lot of features to a very affordable price. Even if this is an entry level is provided with hot spot for the wifi connection and an 8GB SD card that allows you to record videos and take pictures.

thermal scope

The top model is the #7951 FLAME 1.5X-3X for professional users thank to its 384×288 pixels resolution and high sensibility sensor.

With these excellent models Konus enter in a new market ready to follow the evolution and the development of the technology, but the reviews of who already tried these models makes us confident that it could be a new challenge full of opportunity.

night vision optics