The world of red dots is always of great interest but often the novelty has to deal with reliability. The problem with this kind of items is in fact due to the tightness and it is no longer surprising that apparently identical models then respond to the tests in a different way: if different components between the various brands are the same, there is a series of construction details that cannot be detected by the user final that decrete the difference.

Over the years Konus has had the precious opportunity to have its red points tested by first-rate arms manufacturers and passing the 5000-shot test has always been a great source of pride.

For 2021 Konus has produced a new model ready to meet the needs of those who use different weapons and wanted to have different “thicknesses”. It was therefore decided to combine two different bases with a pointer: a high hollow system (26.9mm) for better vision and a lower one (5.84mm) of the traditional type. Having two systems in one is certainly a big advantage as well as the new clean design, without the classic visible headworks.

red dots

The turret caps are made of aluminum and have an integrated click adjustment system, while the light has 8 different levels of intensity contrary to the 5 we were used to.

Some details are now default such as the unlimited eye relief, the included battery (CR2032), the fact of being anti-fog, water resistant and anti-shock.

Having these characteristics in only 140 grams of weight is really appreciated by our customers, always looking for new and complete systems.

We also remind you that this article is suitable for both Weaver and Picatinny slides and that the point is illuminated in both red and green. The size of the point is 3 M.O.A., the diameter 22 mm and the length 70mm.

So here is a 2021 novelty already well received even on very demanding foreign markets, destined to become a new “must” in the Konus red points sector.

You have to try it!