Today I want to talk to you about my professional experience that led me to use the new red dot on my ADC SWAT in 223 Remington caliber: Konus – Sight Pro PTS2.

I was immediately impressed by handling it, to have a very compact product at a low weight. Its assembly was quick and easy, as it can be mounted on weaver and picatinny sleds. In fact, as soon as it was mounted on my ADC SWAT and tested in focus, it allowed me to establish the distance from the target in a few moments with extreme ease, thanks also to the red and blue illuminator it is equipped with.


having to proceed with the CALIBRATION, it was simple and intuitive as the instrument is equipped with lenses with fully multicoated treatment, 1/3 MOA adjustment turrets. It also comes with different levels of brightness to deal with any environmental conditions that you might have, in fact by turning the analog wheel on the left side, it helps us to increase or decrease the brightness of the reticle. After a few hits I managed to adjust the pointer by bringing the nose cones to the center of the target.


Extremely easy to use product, useful for TACTICAL but also VENATORY use, it is extremely reliable, has two aspects that must be considered, namely:

  • the compactness of a red dot;
  • the magnification capacity of an aiming optic.

I recommend this model to everyone as due to its flexibility you can use it both if you want to try your hand at TACTICAL / OPERATIVE shooting, and if your use is purely VENATORY.

To be able to buy it you can find it in the best Armories and in the various specialized sites of the hunting world.

Konus Sight Pro PTS2

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