The experience with riflescope’s mounts started in 2007 with a simple aluminum model which in 2010 then evolved into article # 7237 still in production.

This universal attack was immediately appreciated by our gunsmiths as it represented a valid solution for many unpretentious customers. The fact of having the built-in thickness to make it suitable for both 30 mm and one-inch optics has always been very practical as well as the possibility of being mounted on both Weaver and Picatinny rails. The recoil stop is a guarantee of reliability as well as the internal protection prevents scratching the optics (and we all want to preserve our optics).

With a model like this, which is always well sold, it would have been very easy to settle and continue to remain in our comfort zone, but we were curious about the fact that we could become a manufacturer of bindings and therefore acquire a greater weight in the eyes of customers. We also felt that some gunsmiths wanted something more professional and the change of material was an essential requirement.

It was not easy because the production process between aluminum and steel is completely different as well as the investments required. Implementing new projects in China has now become much more expensive than years ago and large numbers are needed to amortize the disbursements. We also evaluated the Italian production track as it was with Italian engineers we made 3D drawings and study of the project but unfortunately in summarizing the costs we had to give up on this path. So in 2017, we created the first split line in the simple and quick release version.

For both solutions, we have the version for 30 mm tube and the version for one-inch tube and three profiles: low for scopes with a lens up to 32mm, medium for scopes with a lens up to 40 mm for a diameter of one inch, and up. to 44 mm for the 30 mm diameter and finally high for scopes with a lens up to 52 mm if we are talking about one-inch lenses and up to 56 mm for 30 mm lenses.

So why have our bindings become such a popular item? For a series of small details that are appreciated with use: the high-strength torx screws, the square anti-recoil mechanism, the anti-oxidation burnishing, the possibility of being mounted on both Weaver and Picatinny rails … they seem trivial things but the result must be perfect.

Fortunately, over the years we had had the opportunity to test many competitive articles, discovering that the good name is not always a guarantee of reliability and identifying small flaws that we managed to avoid due to the observation we had on a wide spectrum.

And so after a year, we wanted to implement the range with models for 22 gauge sleds or airguns so as to have an increasingly complete and professional offer.

We are really proud of how an intuition took shape and how the market promptly responded. The problem remains that of keeping up with the demand because very often games arrive that are already almost entirely booked by customers.
Our advice? Buy it up because the cost of steel has undergone a 40% increase in China and therefore the prospects are for strong increases. Take advantage of it while you are on time!