Everybody knows why we use a flashlight but, for a weapon user, is hard to point the light and at the same time the weapon to the target.
This is why tactical flashlights are born, very powerful flashlights with various functions featured with a mounting weaver to be easily mounted on weapons and simoultanely light up the target and aim in a easier way.
Usually tactical flashlights provide a very powerful light beam and use the LED illumination.

They are called “tactical flashlights” because they are integral part of the military equipment, but they can be used also for hunting, camping, fishing, trekking or with a tactical use during night hiking. Thanks to their better illumination if compared to a normal flashligh and to the possibility to be fixed in a safe way to a weapon, they are essential for the people who practice war simulation or hunt.

One of the most important feature to consider when you choose your tactical flashlight is the dimension: a flashlight that has to be mounted on a weapong must have a reduced size, but at the same time enlight well the scene. Furthermore, the tactical flashlight have to be lightweight in order not to prejudge the handling of the weapon itself.
The POWER of a flashlight is measured in LUMEN. Thanks to LED technology the lighting capability of the flashlights, in the las few years, significatly imroved and reached a considerable amount of Lumens, that makes the light basically as daylight.
LED technology, moreover the high grades of illuminations, allows user to reduce the consumptions and ensure a longer flashlight duration. In that regard, before buy a flashlight, you should always try to understand how long is the autonomy of a flashlight.

There are also rechargeable flashlights, that allows the user to not to change batteries in the middle of the dark when, thank to a USB cable and a powerbank, you can easily recharge the flashlight and not stop your activities.
Anothe important features to evaluate a tacticl flashlight is the WATERPROOFNESS: is very important, during bad weather nights or during long stakeout, that an unexpected storm or another metereological discomfort do not damage your flashlight and let you in the total darkness.
For the fisher, the flashlight can be an useful instrument to attract fishes on surface.

In a lot of personal defense courses teach how to use a tactical flashlight, switch it suddendly on, dazzling the aggressor and exploiting this moment of bewilderment to run away. In this misuse, that we do not sugget to try, is remarcable the indispensability of this item.

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