Within the range of thermals products offered by Konus, there is a model that satisfies most of the public thanks to its 384×288 resolution and attractive price. This viewer allows zoom magnifications from 1.5x to 3x, has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and a hot spot for wireless connection.


The 384×288 pixel sensor is high-sensitivity and the lens has a 15 mm focal length.  We are in the entry level range of thermals but nevertheless it is a compact, lightweight and waterproof instrument and has dioptre compensation on the eyepiece. It can be held with one hand and has a quick control of settings with four buttons. The eyepiece is suitable for medium/short distances and images are perfectly in focus from just a few metres away. The eyepiece projects the image onto a 0.39 inch display with a resolution of 1024-768 pixels, the refresh rate is not tiring, with three simple buttons you can choose brightness, flat field correction, the 4 palettes, hot tracking and other functions. It is also equipped with wireless and stand-by mode.


The sensor is 384×288 pixels, the battery lasts about 5 hours and a lot depends on whether or not the wireless function is used, which necessarily entails a higher consumption; the internal battery is lithium and recharges quickly with the supplied cable/transformer. The built-in memory is 16 GB and one can therefore save dozens of photos and films without any problems.  Thanks to the free application (downloadable from Google Play or the IPhone app), which can be installed using the serial number as an access code, you will be able to see in real time on your mobile phone what the viewer is framing, so you can use your mobile phone to change settings, take photos or record films. This thermal is equipped with the NUC system or the calibration or non-uniformity correction function also known as FFC flat field correction. It is a lightweight, ergonomic instrument with perfect colour palettes for more subject perfection.



Settings have a minimal menu with no uncertainties and handling is intuitive. The management software is fast and the sensor is superior to similar products. To determine the morphological characteristics of deer/goats, to decide whether an animal is male or female or to identify its species, it is enough to be 70-80 metres away.  For wild boar the recommended observation distance is 50 metres.


For the sighting of a vehicle the perceptible distance is 1350 metres, if you want to recognise the vehicle you will have to be at about 330 metres, if the vehicle is to be identified you will have to be at 169 metres. The same example declined on a man: if we want to spot him the maximum distance will be 400 metres, if we want to recognise him we will have to be no more than 110 metres away, if we want to identify him we cannot be more than 55 metres from the subject.






In the box, in addition to the instructions, we find the cloth for cleaning the optics, the USB cable, a carrying bag and a strap to hold the instrument safely. In the endless panorama of thermal viewers, we invite you to focus on this model that can fully satisfy you without an excessive cost. A must-try!