Gisella Marini, one of our Federcaccia testimonials for the new Konustex brand lady clothing line, got to try on all of our garments and to put them to the test.
After intensive use, we wanted to get her opinion and here it is the feedback who released us.
Thank you for this testimony whose tested the dress more and more times and who can therefore comment with knowledge on materials and details. On the other hand the line was wanted and thought out by National Coordination of hunters Federcaccia and this is a guarantee of how much research was done before putting the collection on the market.



“Every outdoor sport requires technical and functional garments, able to face the atmospheric challenges but the aesthetic aspect also has its relevance. I must admit that the clothing line launched by KONUSTEX fully met these criteria.

I found AURAE LADY JACKET a versatile garment, beautiful, functional and above all comfortable, studies for women with the passion of the woods. With its waterproof fabric, I calmly faced bad weather, cold and windy days. I just lifted the hood which closed and fix like a hat and then I hooked the warm quilt inside the jacket, that with its little volume I had kept in my backpack and nothing stopped me from continuing to live my passion.



Studied for hunters it has everything you need to never run out of essentials as a roomy back pocket totally resealable that allows not to lose anything when walking, aided by two comfortable zips on the sides to increase its capacity, but above all to support the movements in case this is full. Front, top there is a convenient pocket which allows you to store a possible radio, or simply the phone, so easy and quick to take.


And if the details make the difference… its finishes in anti-tear rubberised technical fabric they have no comparison. I indeed tested the resistence of this special coating positioned, so as not to weigh down the dress, only on the parts more exposed to any brambles, and I have to say that has not suffered any damage neither the coated fabric nor the rest exposed has suffered any damage.





Another important aspect that i want to underline is the weight of this garment. I have had other jackets in the past which made me tired and whenever I had the opportunity it was natural for me to take them off. This has not happened to me with AURAE LADY JACKET and for those who travel a long way or even for those who are still for a long time, it’s not a trivial detail.
I close this small dedicated space to AURAE LADY JACKET inviting you to try it, to choose it and to trust a prestigious and innovative brand like KONUSTEX”.