Thermal viewers are becoming very popular at the moment and have quickly become an indispensable piece of equipment for many hunters. Konus began to delve into this complex world in 2021 where everything evolves quickly and where we need to offer excellent items to keep up. Now the Konus thermal line is completed with a clip-on model which was strongly desired by customers as it has the undeniable advantage of being able to be attached and detached from the optics, if necessary, quickly. This model also has the undeniable of being able to be used as a simple thermal monocular or to be fixed directly on the rifle with the slide.


It is a model with a 35 mm focal length, which detects at a distance of 1800 meters and which has a 1400×1080 display, therefore it has truly high-level technical specifications.


The thermal used as a monocular will have the eyepiece mounted, it has three control keys that work either with a single click or by holding them down to access a second function. There is a side wheel to adjust the magnification and to scroll the menu. The 18650 battery is watertight thanks to the o-ring seal (it is useful that there are also spare gaskets in the package). The focus is on the objective while the diopter adjustment to focus the screen is on the eyepiece. Very easy to use: it turns on by holding down the power button for three seconds; then using the button with the camera will take the photo, if you hold it down it will make a video, rotating the rotating button increases or decreases the magnification (2,1x-16,8x) but attention: we will see written inside 1x-2x-4x-8x as the magnification factor is specified (double or quadruple the basic magnification).


You can activate the thermal hot spot, go to your cell phone, search for that network and activate it with the password (last 8 numbers of the serial number) and via the application “Thermal connection” you can switch to the connection by managing photos and videos or selecting the various palettes directly from the application. We have 6 palettes available: warm white, warm black, warm green, iron red, fusion/alarm and cuttlefish. You can activate the grating function, precious when we fix it directly on the Weaver or Picatinny slide thanks to bracket supplied. To transform it into clip-on unscrew the ring closest to the camera body, this will remove the eyepiece and lose the magnification. Then an adapter is connected to the camera body and screwed all the way down with an additional locking ring. Three sizes of optics can be connected: 44 mm, 50 mm or 56 mm. For diameter 56 we have a dedicated adapter, included: thanks to the supplied Allen key we can widen the adapter, screw it onto the thread and then use the counter right of the previuos adapter so as to insert it into the scope precisely. Then pulling the lever, let’s try to have the battery cap aligned with the sight turret so that it is also correct from the point of view of the level bubble, we can also position the quick release as desired. With 50mm or 44mm adapter the operation is the same, just take the other adapter that will be used with the reduction inside for the 44 optics, without reduction for the 50mm optics; it would be helpful to make the top cut of the reduction match the top cut of the adapter. Another accessory supplied is a special key which is used to secure the lock of our adapter above the clamp that holds the optics lens tight. In addition to the adapters, we also find the strap included in the package, the power cord (the item has a USB Type C connector with relative cable) and then there is a normal adjustable adapter to always keep a battery charged with its cable.


When we use the thermal monocular by applying it to the optics, the riflescope’s reticle may not match the viewer’s reticle, there is therefore a function that allows us to to keep the center of our viewer aligned with the center of the already calibrated optical reticle, this function is called “Zeroing” and so the reticule of the instrument is calibrated on that of the optics, choosing between various profiles and between 10 reticles, with the possibility of making a different calibration on each reticle. Compared to other models, has the possibility in the settings to decide whether to activate or deactivate the writings on the display , activare or deactivate USB socket, see memory, see how much we can film, bring the system back to zero where it originally was and many other small functions to play around with, including deciding the brightness and contrast. To turn it off, just hold down the power button for three seconds.


This model is therefore a flagship for Konus thanks to its versatility which allows you to to use it as a compact monocular, as a riflescope or in combination with it. You won’t need to buy anything separately, everything you need is already suppied to allow you to take full advantage of a professional tool like Fiery Clip-on.

Fiery clip-on: ther right thermal for you has arrived!