Today we suggest you how to dress drawing from new and tested garments from our clothing line.
This small overview will be useful to you in browsing Konustex catalogue catching the differences and the right combinations.

Let’s start with a new suit of the Konustex line, especially appreciated for the outdoor branch line, it is the Tenace suit (#343, #344). What catches the eye as soon as you see it hanging in any armory is given by this contrast between the two fabrics used: a nice match between a resistant softshell and a rougher and more robust looking fabric..

Since last year Konustex has made an evolutionary leap in the choice of materials and definitely all the garments that bear the sticker Kx-dry are a guarantee of high technical parameters. On the tag, on the catalogue, on the technical sheet of the website this blue logo has been around for about a year and guarantees that the garment you are purchasing is tested at 10000 columns of water and at 10000 g/m2/24h of breathability. These are really optimal levels, result of years of study on hunting activity to found the famous square between staying dry in case of bad weather and at the same time don’t sweat because the fabric does not allow perspiration to escape. This equilibrium assures a high comfort even for extended times and intense experiences.


Furthermore the public of Konustex brand immediately liked the possibility of combining the various jackets with Kx-dry logo with the same trousers. Seeing that what works in one area may not be suitable for another, why stick to suits already decided upstream by the manufacturer? So we wanted the end user to do the combination with the peace of mind that the two garments will fit together well since the materials can be combined with each other and the same time allowing everyone to express their preference (“I want the jacket with an orange touch but I prefer solid color trousers, I like this trousers but I would combine them with a jacket with a large hood, etc…).

In the case of Tenace jacket we started from the request of those hunters that don’t wear the hood. They are not the majority, we know that, in fact maybe they are the anomaly of the system, but given that we have hooded jackets in our range, why not try to please them too? We liked the idea to have a jacket without the classic big pockets but a little sporty without detracting from the necessary practicality. The mesh lining guarantees a certain “airflow” inside, just as we find the various details that are reproduced on many jackets: velcro adjustable cuffs, large back pocket with double access and washable , two internal pockets with velcro closure.  But then here is the specificity of this Tenace jacket that is to say four front pockets with zip and the collar tightening cord..




Tenace trousers coordinated by catalog, they are  trousers that use the same materials, with zip and button closure, two side elastic bands and two front pockets with transversal cut. On the back we note the high beam warms the kidneys, two pockets with concealed zip. The internal gaiter is designed to facilitate cleaning and not get cautch in any shoelace locks.


If you go out in cold temperatures, our advice is to focus on wearing a Lyseo sweatshirt as it is a sweatshirt in a very warm fabric, ideal for the most extreme excursions. The big plus is that in 2022 new sweatshirts the possibility of extracting the cap is provided and so the customer has the possibility to choose the favourite version. The orange hood gives that touch of high visibility always appreciated even just for a glance. Currently with this removable hood mode, exists the green version and the bicolor green/black version. Both these models have zip pockets, protective elbow patches, drawstring for hood and elasticated ribbed cuffs and sleeves.


If instead the season is not so rigid, will be an opportunity to use a brand new Unitary polo that Konustex proposes in the short-sleeved or long-sleeved version. The particularity of long-sleeved version is the effect two-colours on the sleeves which becomes grey and green, creating a diversion from a “total green”. Small precautions as the side vents, the sweatband or the flap with the three transparent buttons make this polo shirt a small “gem” of the collection, ready to be used even in your free time. The fabric with weight 180 gr/m3 assures a valuable material (80% cotton and 20% polyester).


To complete the outfit obviously our suggestion is to start with the correct underwear. The first layer in contact with the skin remains a crucial point that if it is not taken seriously, will certainly give thermicity or breathability  problems.
The Konustex line includes a wide range of underwear 100% propylene made in Italy. It is a very proven product and different from what the market commonly offers. Here we are talking about garments designed to be worn all day without stress, nothing that compresses or pulls, but t-shirts and tights that will feel perfect even those who do not have a sculptural physique. In an era in which underwear has become seamless, then stretch, sometimes compressing, always very adherent, here Konus thinks about comfort and performance going against the tide. If the aesthetic is so to speak classic, the material makes each garment superlative. The propylene is light, hypoallergenic and it ensures thermal insulation thanks to the air circulation inside the fiber (that is hollow like bear hair). Sweat is expelled outwards so as to keep the body dry and make the underwear dry quickly. These are easy-care garments which should not be ironed or or put in the dryer: you wash them and they dry quickly lasting many years, not giving “pilling” problems and retaining their color and their properties. The use of silver fiber avoid the odors of perspiration as well as, from an ecological point of view, we are proud to say that it is a truly environmentally friendly fiber as it is colored in the yarn.

Konustex underwear models designed for the hunting world are: winter quilted (for those looking for lightness), winter with sponge inside (to have an immediate sensation of warmth) or summer models.

Choose your Konustex outfit and you will be ready for anything. We take care of your clothes, you put the passion into it!