We meet Gisella Marina a “Federcacciatrice” that presented itself as testimonial of our new line of women’s clothing.

Thank your for the opportunity you are offering me, through this all-female space that talks about hunting, real life and healthy emotions. I introduce myself, my name is Marini Gisella, I was born in Puglia in a small municipality in the hills, on the banks of the river Fortore where it was not easy to become a hunter. In San Paolo di Civitate, few inhabitants and many prejudices. I am a wife, I am a professional in my work, a mom, a shooter and a hunter. It’s not easy, but nothing in life is. Good will, the constant commitment to do well, helped me to give the best of me. Today I can say that the sacrifices made, led me to play important roles, to be founder and president of a hunting club, provincial vice-president of my association, component of the shooting sector in national sports commission “Federcaccia” and last but not least, but with great pride, contact person for Puglia, Campania and Basilicata of NATIONAL COORDINATION FEDERCACCIATRICI. This in brief my story huntil here…


In the meantime we would like you to talk about how your passion for hunting was born

Unlike of many hunters and hunters, I have not had anyone who passed on this passion to me but I owe everything to my desire to be in nature. I owe the passion for nature to my parents, that made me grow up in the countryside for the first years of my life, before moving tho the town. I lived this passage with great bitterness, I lacked the freedom of the countryside and, as an adult, I realized that to feel good I had to start where I left off and the hunting, I have to say, has fully responded to my need.

What kind of hunting do you practice and what is the aspect that you like the most about the time dedicated to this activity?

The first 2 years of carrying a weapon, I joined the so-called “all hunting”, years in which, starting from zero, I made school, I learned to recognize different bird flights, the traces left on the ground, the use of weapons and much more. After these first years of hunting school, the friends I had made in the meantime, they made me passionate hunting the queen of the woods; there I understood the true meaning of going out hunting, the satisfaction of killing, understanding with dogs and the true love for the nature. After the first years, but without a dog that was mine, I found myself going hunting with straplai  friends and so I have been practicing this type of environment almost exclusively for about 10 years, with a completely different approach and so much more that I had to learn. I can say though that woodcock hunting remains in my heart and, if one day I can have a dog of my own, surely I will return to my overlying on the shoulder and I will enjoy again the magic and silence of the woods.

What’s it like to be a hunter in a region of southern Italy? Are there rigidities in the environment for a woman?

Still Today I have to say I happen to meet people that is astonishing for this my passion, but after all in about 15 years of hunting  experience, a few things have changed, many people have appreciated me right away, but as many people has questioned my vocation, someone in a delicate way, others with appreciations I would say in bad taste. For example, already at my house, my father was thrilled to have a hunter daughter, but my mother, even Today, I’m not here to explain how may it says…Today though I see that things have slowly changed, also through the contribution of the group of hunters Federcaccia, the visibility of the female world with a rifle on their shoulders, is leaving old stereoptypes behind. My wish is always the same, bring the people from the south but also many from the rest of Italy to see the hunting as something beautiful, as a natural continuation of the evolution of human history, to see the hunter and the huntress as an element of support for the environment, especially in this delicate period of the earth’s climatic history.

We know that you are a new mom, we would like to understand if and how you can accompany everything: work, family and also this your venatory interest.

Yes, I have a one and a half year old daughter, but I never stopped my go out hunting even pregnant. The commitments are many and Today that there is Gioia, I still have to organize myself so as not to neglect anything. My outings, now that she is small, were reduced to the Sunday outing, with the help and the support of my husband. Being a woman, involves a lot of no, but I’m trying to turn those waivers into opportunities, also for the baby, for example I always carry her with me, except hunting of course, but only because she is really little, but, for the rest, she is with me almost always, therefore also in the hunting environment where she is the mascot. This is because I believe that it is important for her to grow up  and to be immersed in the hunting environment right away.

How did you know our company?

I have known KONUS for many years, I first heared of it while hunting and then attending the shooting ranges. In fact many shooters use your riflescopes for long and precision shots. I myself have a KONUS riflescope on my rifle for long shooting competitions.

What do you think of these Konus brand women’s garments?

I was lucky enough to be the testimonial of the brand and to try on the garments in preview. I have to recognize to KONUSTEX brand great resistance of the fabrics but also lots of warmth especially for ungulates hunting in the middle winter, where the days are often cold and the routes are difficult, full of thorns and unexpected events. I must say that especially the pants have passed all the tests. The vest is very useful with pockets and precautions which make it comfortable and safe thanks to the high visibility fabric.

Is there a particular article of this line that you find perfect for you?

Each garment of the KONUSTEX women’s line has its strenghts, as I described before, resistant and comfortable trousers, the gilet, in addition to the peculiarities described above, draws well the shapes of us women making it a perfect garment for all physicalities. Sweatshirt, a soft garment that can always be used even after a day of hunting. My favorite garment is certainly the jacket, with a unbeatable fit even with the vest above, a jacket useful for all hunting types, with a capacious back pocket and many other details studied to be a feminine garment and at the same time a technical garment.

I know you also know our testimonial Maria Grazia Perretta, what binds you?

I met Maria Grazia in a shooting test, I saw her as an asset to the whole group of hunters Federcaccia, indeed it was. She is a simple but combative girl with the shot running in her blood, a warrior from Campania who knows how to bring up the added value of woman who have a passion for weapons. We often found ourselves on the fiels as friends and as opponents, but all this with always great honesty and transparency.

Is there any advice you would like to give to any girl who enters the world of hunting?

An advice to give that comes from my heart,  is to listen to the experience of the veterans, to work alongside experienced and prudent people. For the rest, only time will do that girl or that woman  a true huntress, and if anyone wants to hinder this vocation, smile and move on with your head, because in this world increasingly against hunting, you have to be capable to confront but also to be silent in the face of the ignorance of the suspicious. Love and respect nature and the wild downed, thanking them. Try to transmit the best of this art, not to be influenced by anyone.
I wanted to thank the group of COORDINATION OF HUNTERS FEDERCACCIA, for this beautiful experience and opportunity that he gave me, becoming KONUSTEX testimonial: a group of strong women with a lot of projects and a lot of desire to share the positive experience of female hunting.