The choice of accessories is often the cause of great reflections on the part of the user: which one should I take? On what basis do I choose it? better spend more now for a good thing?

These are all questions we continually ask ourselves before making our decisions.

The RED DOT has always been one of the most purchased and mounted accessories on weapons of all kinds, it combines the intuitiveness, ease and functionality of a one-piece aiming system.

Many brands that compete with each other, indulging in extravagant shapes, lattices, colors and above all PRICE. For some time now we have known KONUS, which always comes to our aid in these cases. Its strength is to offer quality products to the public but with unattainable prices for all other brands. So we present today the KONUS SIGHT-PRO FISSION 2.0.

Specifications of the SIGHT-PRO FISSION 2.0
Characterized by its small size, it is made entirely of metal and has an integrated attachment for piccatiny and 11 mm sled.

The adjustment of the elevation and the drift takes place through two ring nuts, positioned on the side and on the top, which can be operated thanks to a handy key in the package.

The viewfinder is supplied with a battery, a cleaning cloth, a screwdriver for adjustments, all in a case with foam rubber inside to protect it from shocks. There is always a comfortable rubber cover inside, ideal for protecting it directly on the weapon when not in use.

The key to increase the intensity (5) is located on the left side and also acts as an on / off key.

Dot from 4 M.O.A.

Here we see it mounted on an SDM M870 Shorty, perhaps absurd but we like it that way !!

Target acquisition is easy and immediate.

The various intensities available help you have an optimal red dot view even on a sunny day and the field of view is excellent.

It is therefore also excellent for hunters, so that they can observe and follow their prey without looking away.

The red mirror lens is very popular, a look suited to the product.