Going to mushrooms is a serious business because like all passions it requires a certain experience if you want to get the best results. Find out how to choose the best mushroom backpack.

Porcini mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms, Ovoli mushrooms, Parasol mushrooms: there are so many wonders of the forest that when the season begins it is impossible to resist and it is worthwhile to equip yourself at best.

It is enough to keep in mind a few information and you will not be mistaken in choosing the backpack that becomes an irreplaceable companion for adventures.

First of all, it is good to evaluate the size and ergonomics, as the backpack must also be roomy to prevent the mushrooms from being piled on top of each other and ruining themselves.

The size of the backpack

A minimum reference for the base is to have a width of at least 36 cm, while the variable that can be had is in the height as there are more compact models and taller models.

Our Certo model has large dimensions 40x48x19 to be worn easily like any backpack and to better distribute the weight along the entire back.

There are models on the market with the shape of a square and other elongated ones, we have opted for the elongated model because if necessary the product can be used as a real backpack not limiting it to the use of mushroom picking only.

The Ergonomics of a backpack for mushrooms

Although it is dedicated to mushrooms, it is still a backpack. Therefore the same comfort criteria apply that you would use to choose an outdoor backpack: a backrest with padding and wide and adjustable shoulder straps.

zaino per i funghi

Preventing back pain is always important and weight distribution and shoulder preservation must be a focus for anyone preparing for a day outdoors.

The possibility of being able to fix the backpack also on the front gives more stability and adapts more to the structure of the person.

Konustex has opted for a backrest with padded inserts, adjustable and padded shoulder straps with a strap on the chest so that you can wear it for hours and hours without fear of pulling parts or lumbar areas in trouble.

The big requirement is to disperse the spores, as required by law, and therefore most backpacks on the market contain a removable wicker inner pannier.

This is a very traditional solution, while Konustex wanted to opt for a mesh bottom protected by a removable flap.

This peculiarity means that the backpack can be flattened and put in the suitcase or in any case take up very little space when not in use.

The 3D net performs the same function as wicker but does not have the same delicacy.

It is a thick and resistant net that can be “closed” if desired, obtaining a closed backpack by hooking the special bottom so that jackets, wallets and everything else you need for a normal trip can fit inside.

The law specifies that the net must be at least 1.5mm wide and therefore the requirement is perfectly satisfied by this solution in step with the times.

The wicker basket has the charm of ancient times and brings with it the plus of a greater ventilation of the mushrooms, but the solution of a backpack that ensures the entry of air both from the top and from the bottom makes up for this need with all the convenience of having your hands free.

Those who still prefer the basket normally say that the rigid walls protect the contents better, but the Konustex backpack has rigid internal wings that perform the same function giving solidity to the structure and preventing it from compressing.

backpack for mushrooms konus

If, on the other hand, we are talking about memories then the basket remains unattainable with all the charm and the stories it brings with it … we always remember that hour after hour it becomes heavier and wanting to have an easier life with a backpack therefore becomes a major attraction.

The closure of the backpack deserves special attention because it has happened to several to lose the mushrooms collected or the objects transported especially in the case in which the backpack falls or even in the case of intense climbs.

Always look at the type of closure and make sure there is a zipper or drawstring. The Certo backpack is equipped with a shrink cord as well as the “lid” needed to protect the crop from rain.

A particularly clever detail is the fact that the Certo backpack can also be worn open so that as the mushrooms are harvested they are inserted keeping the backpack worn; this function is possible by hooking the lid with the bottom so as not to have parts that annoy the introduction of the object in the backpack.

The number of pockets

It is true that we will transport mushrooms but which of us does not have a knife in tow, a water bottle, some documents, a telephone or some food?

So it is good to always choose a backpack with pockets. The Certo backpack has two accessory pockets with flap and automatic perfect for knife, snacks, flashlight or documents, then it has a zip pocket on the lid for small objects or mobile phone and on both sides there is a pocket with internal in aluminum to keep a half-liter bottle cool.

The material

You do not always choose the ideal meteorological day for harvesting, or sometimes you are surprised by unexpected stroms, well everything is solved if the backpack is waterproof as the mushrooms must be protected from rain and humidity (as well as your personal items).

So always check if the “waterproof” requirement is mentioned because it is a feature that greatly affects the price of the backpack but can really make a difference.

The backpack must be resistant and tearproof. How many times does it happen to run aground on a branch if not, worse, to deal with brambles … therefore do not be satisfied with the economic product because the accidental breakage would put the whole load at risk making our efforts useless.

come scegliere uno zaino per i funghi

Seams and zippers always deserve special attention.

Unfortunately on the market there are models made of not very resistant materials that rely on the fact that you want to spend little, but a mushroom backpack can be a beautiful gift for an enthusiast and therefore it is perhaps worth waiting a few months and getting a valuable one as a gift, rather than walking around with unreliable or inconvenient solutions.

The Certo backpack is also equipped with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, remains rigid thanks to internal wings that you will flatten for transport and then has an attractive design that makes it pleasant to wear.

In short, a modern solution full of valid details that make it the perfect candidate to follow you on your outings.

We also remind you to consult the website of your province to always be informed about the regulations in force.