Today we get to know Giuseppe a shooter who has been dealing with Konus for months now as a testimonial in the Superproduction category. Giuseppe competes with a Konuspro-plus optic but we know he plans to broaden his horizons by trying new models as well. He is part of the TSN Pietrasanta team and there are now several competitions in which he has participated with really good results.


Giuseppe tell us in the meantime about how the passion for shooting came about in you.

The passion for shooting was something I matured from an early age-I was born and raised in Germany to Sicilian parents who had emigrated for work. When I went on vacation I was in contact with friends and relatives who were hunters, any opportunity was good to be taken with them and I was very attracted to rifles. Growing up and being in the hotellerie business, I never had time to cultivate this passion of mine for guns, so I spent my free time on social media or reading gun and shooting magazines. When I moved to Pietrasanta, having the range on my doorstep, I gave vent to my passion by trying everything I could. One day I decided to buy a carbine to try shooting at 50 meters but having no experience it seemed an impossible thing to me. I was seeing the great results of others, however, so I began to investigate. I could count on the help of Giancarlo Petrucci who took me to heart seeing me in difficulty and grasping in me the conviction that I wanted to do well; he called me aside and said, “Giuseppe if you want to do this discipline of Production or Super Production you have to start with having an adequate weapon, a decent optic and a lot of patience. ” Thus began my adventure.


How come you focused on the Superproduction discipline?

I focused on this discipline because at the range they often had sectional competitions that were held every Friday night and there were all good shooters. Whoever at the end of the competition scored less points the next time would bring a snack that was eaten together after the competition. I brought a lot and that was the incentive that I had to do better. Clearly there was never a lack of teasing during the snack..


What are the achievements you boast most proudly?

They are different, because in this discipline you grow every single time, you learn so much, especially how to manage yourself. But it is also important to know how to be a team ( something that is often taken for granted), I grew quickly in this discipline thanks to the help of just my teammates. There is also a lot of jealousy and people who can give you even the wrong advice to make you wrong. I managed during one competition to make my personal best by coming second and this is my first experience in the Italian Championship. So many champions and people with over 30 years of experience compete in this discipline and it was great to have received their compliments. I made it to the finals of the Championship both as an individual and as a team and at the moment it is my greatest satisfaction.




How did you get to know the Konus company?

As in all things, even in this sport you always try to look at what other shooters are doing or using to copy or do the same, I read a lot and by chance I ended up on a page where I was reading an article by a champion named De Luna Giuseppe. I start following his page and find out that he uses an optic from the Konus company, so I go to the site and see some things that could probably make my case. I ask the shooters in my section for info, and I hear back, “But I don’t know, no one here has ever had it, it costs less than the other brands we usually use, never mind get something else that is better known, etc. etc.” I decide to call into the company, and politely ask if there was a possibility of being able to ask a technician some questions. I am answered very politely, “We will immediately put you through to one of our technicians.” I talk to the technician and explain that I was looking for an optic, for my carbine and for the kind of shooting I needed, he gave me all the possible explanations, advice, and suggestions. After hanging up the phone I immediately purchased the optic that was recommended to me. As soon as it arrived I mounted it on my carbine an Anschutz 1761, once calibrated I began testing, immediately found a big difference: the previous optic cost three times as much, there was no comparison, my Konus-Plus was far better. Immediately noticing my improvement in shooting, my Petrucci comrades ask me to promptly order them optics as well, and within 10 days as many as 15 more than ours were purchased at the range.


What would you say to a young person approaching the world of shooting?

Not only to the young or very young, the discipline of shooting can be practiced by any person of any age group; we have had people who are over 60 years old approach it and people who continue having even over 80 years old. I introduced my daughter to air rifle shooting when she was 16 years old and this year my son who is 11 years old as well. There are many disciplines and I recommend everyone to try and practice shooting because it helps so much with concentration, the responsibility of handling weapons, to be careful but at the same time a lot of fun and a lot of friendship is guaranteed with which to spend a couple of hours a week in company.












We thank Giuseppe for his testimony, which we hope will be an encouragement to newcomers. It is nice to capture in his words the esteem for “fellow” shooters and that feeling of being part of a team that shares every perplexity and every enthusiasm. Dear Giuseppe we wish you never to lose that desire of yours to always question yourself and aim for improvement, we thank you for the trust you have placed in us despite the fact that some have tried to discourage you. For our part, we are pleased to count you among our testimonials and look forward to following you in new successes!