Isabella Villa, National Coordinator of Fidc hunters and Provincial and Regional Councillor Federcaccia tells how the line of women’s clothing brand Konustex was born.Isabella, what was your initial idea?

A line of women’s hunting clothing, born from the hunters for the hunters and made thanks to the intuition of a company from Verona, Konus, who believed in us.

A line “signed” by the National Coordination of Federcaccia hunters that will be premiered at the Eos in Verona.

Five garments designed, designed, and manufactured to meet the needs of various types of hunting and dress smaller sizes as well as larger.

Would be easy!!!!

But let’s take a step back. Why did you feel this need to develop specific leaders?

The need for women’s technical garments at affordable prices has been felt for too long.

The needs of sizes, let’s say central, could be solved by using men’s garments that however could not always adapt to the female body.

Those low-rise pants that leave your belly uncovered and your body cold… for one thing.

For the little ones the problem was much more serious, waistcoats that reach your knees, jackets with sleeves that cover your hands…

Something had to be done.

And so it was, but it all happened by accident.

How did you meet the Konustex brand?

One day, in an armory in the province of Pavia, I saw a hunting jacket for men that seemed to me particularly “smart”. Inside it had a second jacket, padded but very light, detachable.

The label bore the Konustex brand that, I confess, I didn’t know about clothing.

Back home I wrote an email explaining the needs of the women of the Coordination and our desire to have a clothing line “dedicated”. I didn’t even expect an answer, but that’s when our adventure began.

Elisa jumped at the message, she was thinking about it, but maybe she needed the right input.

Was it difficult to finalize your ideas?

It has not been easy for us and even more for Konus, but in the end, I think the result is above our expectations.

Describe the products to us.

Five garments, in fact, trousers, very technical with high waist and adjustments always at the waist, anti-skid and pockets, plush to keep your hands warm, in the right places. Light but warm.

A very soft sweatshirt to use on any occasion.

Yellow profiles to distinguish the line. Then the jacket, with the second detachable jacket that becomes a mini bomber jacket.

Here too, all the feminine measures starting from the pocket for the radio. And the two vests, the high visibility one for the wild boar and the green one for those who dedicate themselves to the feather with a maxi hunter designed ad hoc.

An adventure registered National Coordination of Federcaccia hunters that the Federcacciatorrici can buy online at special prices by providing their card number of the Coordination.

We thank Isabella Villa for the availability demonstrated in every phase of this laborious project that required to interface countless times and to “adjust the shot” to get the desired result.

Being able to take advantage of his experience and all his connections has certainly allowed him to develop very well-groomed garments, ready to meet the demands of so many hunters who could not find the right product for them.

Too many times I had heard women “arranging” with men’s garments and beyond obvious physical differences and fit there is also to be taken into account that women have a different perception of hot and cold than men and therefore deserve special attention to have solutions that give immediate the feeling of warmth.

Even a simple pocket declined in a feminine version has some peculiarities due to shape and size, as well as enjoy a feeling of softness inside and avoid automatic scratching…

In short, the work carried out was “of up” but despite this, the policy of Konustex is to have a line in continuous evolution thanks to the contributions of those who use these clothes for several seasons and always manages to signal us something to improve or change so that the item purchased in a year will be different from the one that comes out now because it will have already acquired some improvement in the course of work.

We invite all hunters to try a line dedicated to them created especially for them!