Here is the overview of night vision systems offering Konus Today ranging from monoculars to binoculars. Many models ultra-performing that will be able to satisfy every need.

But let’s start by getting familiar with the night vision device itself that is to say, in this era in which thermal vision goggles are all the range, why should an average user evaluate the purchase of a night vision goggle?

Well the advantages that the night vision device can offer compared to the thermal one are there and they are by no means negligible: first of all the economic savings but not secondly also the fact that the image is more natural, that can be used behind glass and which are easier and more immediate to use.


The Konus range starts from an entry level model #7935 KONUSPY-14 that is a digital viewer which allows a good vision from 4 to 300 meters. The function for making videos is very useful with a maximum duration of 10 minutes, storing them in the included memory card that holds up to 8735 photos and 54 minutes of video. This tool is compact, I would say paperback, and has a built-in illuminator with seven levels of brightness. Magnifies from 1 to 5 times and has an image resolution of 1920×1080. The weight is really minimal (186,5 gr.) and this makes it transportable in all circumstances. It can be used for three hours and works with five 1.5V AA batteries included.


For those who need more magnifications but still wants to stay on a monocular to limit the encumbrance, here is the model #7933 KONUSPY-12 which, with its zoom magnifications from 5 to 40x, is really powerful. It can be used both with AA rechargeable batteries and not rechargeable ones for a duration of use of 4 hours at maximum intensity and of 8 hours at minimum intensity if you are using non-rechargeable batteries, if you use our rechargeable model #3849 instead, duration is of 5 hours and 20 minutes at maximum intensity and a full 10 hours at minimum intensity; a SD-CARD is included which allows to take pictures and record videos. It is also possible to connect the viewer to TV or PC to download the files or to view them. The fact that the daytime images are in color and that it is equipped with a tripod attachment is also appreciable. The recommended viewing distance is 2 to 200 meters.


If you want to switch to binoculars, the first price offer of Konus is the model #7936 KONUSPY-15 with zoom magnification 1x-5x and image resolution 1920×1080. The viewing distance is from 4 to 300 meters and the duration of use is 3 hours with 2 batteries 18650. The included 8 GB sd card allows you to store 8597 photos and 53 minutes of video. The weight of 334 gr is iteresting considering that you have a two-eyed vision through the display.



For those looking for sharper images we recommend one more step that is the article #7932 KONUSPY-11 with magnifications 3x-4.5x-6x with digital zoom. This proposal is also equipped with an sd card for photos and videos (8 GB) and a day vision filter. It is attachable to the tripod and it functions both with disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries. If you use disposable batteries, the duration of use is 4 hours at maximum intensity and 8 hours at minimum, while if you are using rechargeable batteries our ref. 3849, duration will be 5 hours and 20 minutes at maximum intensity and 10 hours at minimum intensity. The recommended viewing distance is 2 to 200 meters.


Thus we arrive at the top of our range that is to say the model #7937 KONUSPY-16 that offers a digital magnification from 3.6x to 10.8x and image resolution 1920×1080. This article is really dedicated to demanding users who need images with high definition brightness. Even in total darkness, the image will be clear and will allow you to take photos and videos. It functions with 2 rechargeable batteries 18650 with a duration of use of 3 hours. Day vision filter, tripod attachment, 64 GB sd-card, case and straps are included. It will be possible to take 99999 photos and 3 hours 28 minutes of videos. Viewing distance is from 4 to 400 meters.

In short, the choice is wide but above all each option has its own why, so you just have to view these articles at your trusted dealer and decide which one is right for you. Darkness is no longer an excuse…