In 2019 Konus is introducing what is believed to be the biggest revolution in field consumer optics and the rifle scope that makes every other model obsolete and outdate.

The result of this long and accurate job is the new line of rifle scopes Konuspro EL-30 that bringing the industry into the 21st century.

One of the best technology is LCD that provide tou with 10 interchangeble reticles for long distance shooting, intermediate use, tactical and hunting.

This is therefore the most advanced and the most versatile model in the market with good value for money, just $399.

Konus has recentrly entered the category of night version riflescopes: Konuspro – NV. This binocular have a very high-performance digital technology and power zoom, morover is equipped with SD-card that can take and save pictures and videos of what you are observing.

For 2020 Konus has a new and important project: produce and selling new release of rifle scopes with more advanced and more professional tecnology.

The company, in particular, wants to invest in LCD technology and improvements in the Konuspro EL-30 series. Konus wants to invest also in parallax adjustment and reticle illumination.

These new rifle scopes rapresents a revolutionary moment for Konus, the market is looking forward to trying and testing new technologies in the field.

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