Those who love comfort appreciate Konustex 100% polypropylene underwear. But in reality these garments have many other advantages to offer.

For your excursions, for your favourite sport, for everyday life or simply for your relax, Konustex underwear guarantees a new dimension of comfort and ensures your freedom of movement. Polypropylene is the lightest fiber ever created, its density is lower than water and it is 50% lighter than cotton. This fiber, thanks to its low specific weight, it also offers economic benefits in terms of greater covering power and therefore high yield. One Kg of polypropylene can produce the largest fabric surface compared to all other yarns: for example one and a half times larger than polyester. This concecpt of lightness is especially appreciated by athletes who achieve their results in extreme conditions.


The remarkable resistance of polypropylene is another advantage offered by this revolutionary fiber. The abrasion resistance of polypropylene is 2.5 times higher than that of cotton or wool. Garments made of polypropylene can resist bad weather, sun, sweat and humidity maintaining the freshness and strength of the color even after multiple washes. The dyes are not released into the skin and do not cause any harm to health. Polypropylene is chemically and biologically inert toward inorganic acids and alkalis as well as oxidants.


Maintaining the temperature in all circumstances is the key to comfort. Climbing the Himalaya, crossing the ocean on a sailing boat or walking in a park, garments made of polypropylene have the property of maintaining the ideal temperature in contact with the skin. This yarn has the lowest conductivity of all fibers and guarantees thermal regulation. In all weather conditions, thanks to its extraordinary insulating power, it is particularly suitable for wearing under neoprene clothing because it keeps you dry and insulated.


When your pace is intense or your effort is prolonged, it is important to feel your body dry. Konustex technical underwear resolves this unpleasant sensation of sweating. The water absorption index of polypropylene is almost zero. The polypropylene is not covered by any breathable layer that would be washed away over time. Dry polypropylene layer is integrated, in contact with the skin and does not absorb humidity. The dry layer then acts like a second layer of the skin allowing humidity and steam to escape to the outside. Stay drier, longer and you dry faster. Thanks to the humidity management system, the direct contact of polypropylene with the skin leaves it dry and odourless, ensuring a perfect balance between temperature and relative humidity even in extreme conditions.


These garments also offer an economic advantage regarding energy savings in the production of polypropylene compared to other fibres as, during processing, it works at lower temperatures than other types of yarn (there are up to 30% energy savings compared to polyester). Since it is dyed in bulk and not subsequently, no dyes are used, water, energy, environmental costs due to a subsequent coloring phase. The garments of the Konustex underwear line require little maintenance, they do not require ironing, they dry naturally once again avoiding energy consumption.

Konustex underwear items are not afraid of stains and streaks, they don’t shrink, they do not deform and they can be machine washed at 40°C using a third of normal detergent. Any stains will remain on the surface making cleaning easier and faster. These garments are also not electrostatic and so they do not attract atmospheric dust. Konustex underwear dries quickly and should not be ironed. After washing you just need to hang them for a while and then you can wear them and continue your activities.


Polypropylene is ecological as it is produced with the utmost respect for nature to preserve it as we inherited it. The production of polypropylene does not pollute the environment (water, air nor soil). Since this fiber is mass dyed there is no problem of pollution effluents. Only a small amount of water is used to produce polypropylene (unlike cotton where up to 11 thousand liters of water are used to produce 1 Kg). No pesticides or toxic dyes are used to produce polypropylene, it is also 100% recyclable.


Our skin is the largest organ, if it absorbs toxic substances (as dyes, pesticides, formaldehyde on clothes exported from distant countries to prevent mold growth during transportation etc…) from cotton or from other types of synthetic fibers, they can be absorbed by the lymphatic system and bloodstream. These toxins can cause disorders such as infertility, respiratory diseases, skin irritation etc…Polypropylene garments are “skin-friendly” as polypropylene is chemically inert and can even be worn by people with more sensitive skin, without problems. Polypropylene does not react to chemical agents produced by perspiration: the bacteria that cause bad odors cannot develop. Polypropylene limits the multiplication of bacteria, mold and microorganisms. Konustex garments do not cause allergies and the entire underwear line is made in Italy and so it does not have to be modified by formaldehyde to travel great distances to its customers, nor is it affected by mold. Polypropylene is solution dyed and so the dyes do not migrate into the skin. Polypropylene maintains a moderately negative charge which is beneficial for the human organism. Negative ions promote blood circulation and purification, they inhibit free radicals, regulate autonomic nerves, they activate cells and strengthen the immune system. The polypropylene yarn used in Konustex garments is Oekotex Starndard 100 and Bluesign certified, does not contain substances dangerous for humans or the environment and meets the strict ecological and toxicological requirements for such substances.

If you want to dress responsibly, to have a dry and heat-insulated body then choose Konustex technical underwear!