These are precisely the worlds with which one of our salesman was welcomed in a provincial armory in central Italy…”why a jeans in the gun store?”. It will therefore be necessary to explain why Konus thought that there is also room for jeans in the assortment of products that armories sell.

First of all, jeans are a garment appreciated by everyone, used everywhere and by anyone. This because these are the emblem of comfortable and robust trousers, which goes well with every style and which keeps well over time. For those who carry out activities “low profile” that is, in which it is essential to disappear among the crowd to complete the mission succesfully, wearing a seemingly common garment, will allow you to go unnoticed even if in plain sight.

This is why we thought of making jeans, with common features, tactical, equipping it with specific and also hidden pockets for carrying chargers, using a sturdy type of fabric but elasticized which allows maximum freedom of movement and which has the right reinforcements.

Obviously once you try them they will also become the comfortable trousers for your travels, leisure or office work but that’s another matter…
The cut is shaped with pre-shaped knees to facilitate movement, the style is ideal for having the equipment you need with you, even the most critical.


First of all you will notice the extremely secure closure system with YYK zip, hook and automatic, then the wide loops equipped with D Ring on both sides to attach your key ring, the flashlight, or a small accessory. The waist is extremely elastic thanks to the wide band positioned on the back so as to adapt to your body and not give you a sense of constriction. The pockets have openings with a reinforced profile and diagonal cut for easy access, the large thigh pockets open with a double velcro flap but there is still a safety hook to avoid accidental spills. The inside of the large pockets is equipped with elastic bands that allow you to keep your chargers in place but at the same time you can also use them for your cell phone. On the large pockets there is an additional pocket with vertical zip closure. Inside the trousers, at the waist, you’ll find two secret pockets for your chargers, as well as on the back you will find a double pocket charger-sized on each side.

Before putting on the garment, you will have the possibility of inserting the special flexible Tarsis protectors into your knees, to be purchased separately and which must be positioned in the appropriate internal pockets that can be fixed with velcro.

This garment was also developed and refined thanks to the experience of Domenico Miccoli, shooting instructor I.T.C.A. who was able to suggest details and precautions that only a professional like him can grasp. A heartfelt thank you for this support which allowed this garment to also be included in the tactical range, which once explained, reveals all its value.