When Konustex established itself as a brand in the world of hunting clothing, Konus decided to make a change.

In the year 2020 but especially in the course of 2021, despite the uncertainties of the period Konus has decided to face a change in the level of materials because they are what makes a winning garment.The style, the details, sometimes even the price, become variable if there is not a basic fabric that satisfies, that makes the garment comfortable and that makes us appreciate it both by wearing it and by putting it back in the wardrobe.The most in-depth analysis was made on those materials used for jackets and trousers, which must therefore resist bad weather, wear over time and various mistreatments.

For these types of garments, mostly two types of fabrics have been selected: one in softshell and one in polyester.

Softshell Konustex

The softshell is the ideal solution for obtaining thermal insulation, breathability and waterproofing. The Konustex softshell consists of three layers:– the outermost layer not only has an aesthetic function but is also what protects us and it is important that it has a resistant water-repellent finish to ensure that the water slips away as much as possible, limiting its absorption as much as possible– the intermediate layer is that of the waterproof and breathable membrane. The membrane is covered with many microscopic holes that are able to retain water drops (which cannot enter the holes) but which at the same time allow sweat and body humidity to escape, keeping you dry.– the innermost layer is the lining which has the function of absorbing the sweat of the body in order to convey it towards the membrane that will expel it, this allows there to be no accumulation of humidity inside the jacket with further generation of sweat.It is obvious that the best result is obtained when all our clothing is reasoned or the golden rule is to have the first layer in contact with the skin in polypropylene so as to keep the skin dry because the wrong underwear (for example in polyester) nullifies it. an effort to wear over highly technical garments.

If you start from the correct underwear then you can use a second variable layer (sweatshirt, sweater, microfleece) and finally the jacket that protects from the rain.

Missing a step is equivalent to making the effort made totally ineffective.

Konustex is a brand that really started with hollow polypropylene underwear and then over the years has managed to “make culture” about it but now that the jackets appear all in softshell or all in polyester how to make your way through the jungle?

How to distinguish a good material from a cheap one destined to disappoint expectations?Well the only guarantee is to check if the garment we like has the declared data of breathability and waterproofing. In fact, only tested materials can give peace of mind regarding these parameters and this is in fact the only protection that a consumer has in order not to be soaked in the first rain.

Konustex’s materials

The tests on the materials can be done by different organisms but the data of the water columns represents a universal standard to be able to understand if we can actually trust or not to wear that jacket even in excursions with variable weather.Often the argument of water columns “row against” in the sense that very high values ​​are sought in order to protect oneself from downpours without considering that there is a backlash, that is the more a garment is waterproof the less it is breathable and even if it does not get wet with rain it is equally important not to get wet with sweat.

The secret, therefore, is to find the right balance between waterproofing and breathability so as to shelter from the rain but at the same time ensure that your sweat is expelled.For these reasons, the Konustex brand has chosen fabrics with parameters of 10000mm water columns and 10000 g / m2 / 24 h of breathability.

These data must obviously be explained and in order not to enter into excessively technical arguments we can say that above 5000mm of water column a material is considered with an excellent level of water resistance but not waterproof, with 10000mm of water column the material is considered waterproof.

The test carried out is easy to understand, i.e. a graduated column is placed on the fabric, filled with water, and thus established at what pressure the water begins to enter the fiber.To establish the breathability of the garment, on the other hand, you take a square meter of fabric and within 24 hours you measure how much water vapor passes through it. A value of 4000 g / m2 / 24h is judged to be a good level of transpiration but Konustex wants to offer something more than a good level and for this reason, it has gone up to 10000 g / m2 / 24 h because we know well that a beat of hunting may require races, efforts, challenging climbs … in short, better be ready for anything.

It is true that staying under the fresh snow for maybe half a day means that you get wet even with the fabric of 10,000 columns of water because the duration of exposure to the elements cannot be continuous but limited in time.

It is assumed that in half a day it is possible to find a refuge and that one does not openly hunt to suffer; we do not want to produce garments for extreme companies, we want to give an effective solution for levels a little more taken to the extreme than a normal excursion in order to be able to face the unexpected.

Then every declaration always seems to be able to be picked up and overturned since there are also skiers who declare that with 5000 mm the water does not enter the jacket …So wearing a jacket that maybe has 20,000 mm columns of water but which as breathability declares 5000 g / m2 / 24 h for example, is equivalent to saying that you will sweat a lot because it is an unbalanced figure, then a wet sensation will follow and it will also occur. the cold at that point.


It is not enough that the fabric is the best that the market can offer as water can also penetrate through seams and zips, so what we consider detail in the shop can instead become the tip of the balance between being well or not.

So make sure that the seams are taped or that the fabric is equipped with a membrane and then the zips must be covered by a flap in waterproof fabric or, if they are visible, they must be waterproof because otherwise, they become an opening for the water. The water trap systems that we find next to the zips and that facilitate the flow of water are also very useful.For transpiration, the “trick” of the ventilation intakes is always valid, i.e. many garments have zips normally positioned in the underarm or underarm or on the hips that must be opened in the moment of effort and allow the accumulation of heat to be vented immediately in a short time. This is a real plus because they significantly accelerate the process of expelling excess heat and are an ideal solution for those who tend to get hot in general.Another fact that nobody pays attention to is the cut that the clothes we wear have. If the use is to go hunting I will have to see if the garment has a suitable cut.

The leg is shaped in a certain way, the jacket that does not have tube sleeves but that has different thicknesses that follow the line of the arms … are elements that make it clear if that garment is worn will facilitate my movements avoiding overheating or cooling me.

Very resistant but rigid fabrics can become torture after a few hours of wearing them, as well as an excessively wide or narrow garment. So in the end the choice is made on the basis of the trust that is placed in the brand because a judgment can be given only after the first uses otherwise.So focus on a company that gives us confidence because if there are problems it does not hide behind a finger, we believe it is the magic formula for sleeping peacefully.

Therefore, the advice of a shopkeeper who has relationships with companies every day is more valuable than months of 360-degree internet searches.

There are so many unknowns in a product that it must be worn that no matter how much we dissect data and notions there will always be something that we had not considered.

So the advice is to have the basics but then rely on the trusted armory that knows exactly how many customers have been disappointed perhaps by a great name and how many have been satisfied with a niche brand that you would not have thought of.