One of the testimonials of the new Konustex line is Silvia Leoni, a young huntress who lent herself to an interview to introduce us to the world of hunting seen from the eyes of a girl. Silvia is part of the Federcaccia National Hunters Coordination which gave life to this project, developing the garments, testing them and doing her utmost to make it all take shape. In particular, the President Isabella Villa took care of every step in the creation of the line that we are therefore sure will fully meet the needs of women hunters.


Hi Silvia, we at Konus know that the passion for hunting comes to you from your family: can you tell us about it?

I come from a family of hunters. My grandparents went hunting as well as my uncles and my father.
My mom also told me that as a child she accompanied my great-grandfather to the shed. Every moment the family got together, it was the right occasion to tell some anecdote related to my grandfather’s hunting trips or the other family members I grew up for among these stories and for me it has always been normal to hear and see them. the enthusiasm in the eyes of those who told them. These stories were always accompanied at the table by the game cooked by my grandmother or my mother and it was normal to see my father returning home after the hunt tired but satisfied on Sunday morning. Obviously I have also always seen the wonderful relationship that my family members have had with their dogs and the love that bound them. Despite all this, I never thought about getting a hunting license until my grandfather left us a few years ago.  At that moment, thanks also to my husband, I wanted to do something that would still make me feel close to him and of which he could be proud. So together with my husband we started attending classes and we took the license, also thanks to the fact that for some years my husband had been passionate about bringing back our Labradors. The lessons allowed us to understand how much this discipline requires a lot of knowledge and how much a hunter should love and respect both flora and fauna, this because only those who know the world of the woods and beyond know how to respect it. I’m definitely not the huntress who kills a garment every time she goes out … hunting for me is also just an opportunity to stay in touch with nature and enjoy the company of my dog ​​and my friends and family who accompany me.


What is the aspect of hunting that you appreciate most?

The serenity that a walk in the middle of nature can give you or the fact of not thinking about anything anymore when you see the dog standing still; in that moment it’s just us and everything else, including worries, for a moment disappear.


What kind of hunting do you practice and who are the people you surround yourself with for this activity?

Mainly birds. I am always in the company of friends, but the person I like most to hang out with is my dad. Thanks to hunting we have found something that binds us and that allows us to spend time together.


How do people react when you reveal that you are a huntress?

They smile, also because I am also very small in build and imagining myself with a rifle is actually not easy. Surely I am not taken very seriously also because in my village now hunting is practiced only by people who are now of a certain age but this has never frightened me, indeed. In the course I was the only woman but in the end they came to ask me for help.


How did you get to know our company?

Through the Federcaccia but I had already seen some articles on Bighunter


Why did you want to become the testimonial of this new line?

Because I like to dress well on every occasion. I am passionate about the English hunting style and I find that one can be elegant and refined at all times, even in hunting. Especially we who are women do not see why we must give up being feminine even on this occasion. If you feel good in what you are wearing, you look better too.


Have you encountered any limitations in the women’s clothing you currently use?

It is already difficult to find women’s hunting garments and especially for those like me who are also very small so there are many limits for each type of garment.

What do you think of these Konustex branded women’s clothes?

Very comfortable and practical


Is there a particular article of this line that you find perfect for you?

The sweatshirt AMINTA and vests GAMETOP and NOTABLE are very comfortable


Is there any advice you would like to give to any girl who wishes to enter the hunting world but who is perhaps a bit hesitant?

If you are passionate about something you have to do it, independent of people’s opinion. In life you cannot always have everyone’s approval but if you can do something that makes you feel good there is no judgment that holds. Hunting is not man or woman but it is passion and love and respect for nature so that everyone can practice it if they want.