Here we are ready to peek at the news of this year that has just started. Konus does not stop and is ready to “churn out” new items designed to amaze the end user and to help the retailer to always have convincing sales arguments.

The strong point is always represented by riflescopes and, precisely on this sector, there are two innovations that will arrive in these months.


The first nice surprise concerns the riflescopes ARMADA that is a new line of two models characterized by a parallax wheel revolutionary. If we are used to thinking the parallax wheel as a distance estimation (that is to say 200 meters can be a value between 190 and 210 meters in actual), with this Konus exclusive here is what the parallax will tell us an absolutely precise measure  (and so 200 meters will be exactly 200 meters). In addition to this feature really amazing obviously the optical quality will not be lacking really appreciable as well as a lot of professional and advanced details as lockable turrets push-pull, the eyepiece with fast focus and level bubble. Two articles have measures 4-16×50 with 30/30 reticle with 3 thick lines and a fine line in two colours (red-blue) and a 6-24×56 with fine crosshair reticle  with double illumination too.  Within end February they will arrive in all italian armories and we are sure that it will be talked about



The other “gem” is ABSOLUTE riflescope that it was quite successful in 2022 and that starting from April it will be presented still in new version with ballistic reticle 500  engraved and illuminated. In fact, we wanted to expand Konus offer as for ED riflescopes that represent the maxim quality level available at present. It is a particular glass (not a simple treatment) studied for maximize the light transmission and to reduce chromatic aberrations, the result is a truly incredible brilliance, big optical quality and  well contrasted images. This new version with ballistic reticle is designed with a reticle with extremely thin lines to avoid encumbrance during shot, the illumination is in dual colour red and blue.



In the last few years, Konus has entered the world of thermal vision with various models which have already attracted considerable interest, for the year 2023 she then thought to a higher quality model, a monocular with diameter 35mm (lens focal lenght) that once tried it will let you notice how advanced it is. The model, already in stock, is FLAME 1.4-11.2 zoom and it is a  professional proposal for those who need to accurately identify what they are framing. Equipped with internal memory of 16MB, it has 640×512 resolution and it offers the possibility to record videos and photos. The rechargeable lithium battery is built-in and it has wi-fi hot spot function to be able to follow with the mobile phone what is being framed by the device for a very intuitive use. The highlight is the fact that it is waterproof to a depth of one meter.



As for binoculars, already at the end of  2022 a new series was out named MISSION-HD: these two binoculars have already appeared on the market as a previuw of new Konus projects and they represent our new first line in high definition. They are two binoculars with measures 8×42 and 10×42, BAK-4 prisms, wide angle and multi-coated optics with an additional HD treatment with which brighter images are obtained with obvious benefits in case of unfavorable light conditions since light  transmission increases. Interesteing it is too the removable set of wider eyecups for those who opt for a more comfortable observation.




For newbies or those on a budget but to have a valid tool, the first price offer of Konus gets rich at the end of January of BASIC-PLUS #2006 model with measure 10×42, BAK-7 prisms, fully-coated optics, central focusing, rubber covered and with tripod attachment. An interesting  entry level since one would not expect this optical quality at such a price.




A great effort of Konus for 2023 is concentrated in the night vision line which sees two new features.

Already in April 2022 KONUSY-14 #7935 1x-5x zoom model was added in order to have a monocular for night vision at an amazing price, now the same magnifications are still available in binocular version with the brand new #7936 KONUSPY-15 that since January  will reach the armories to offer the possibility to approach to this type of instrument even for those on a limited budget. This model with digital zoom magnifications, features photo and video recording function, it is equipped with A/V cable, USB cable and 8GB SD-card to record images. The resolution is 1920×1080 like much more expensive viewers, a nice solution also for areas such as surveillance.







A further step has been done in “top quality” zone of the range inserting since February the #7937 KONUSPY-16 model 3.6-10.8 zoom that has the big plus of brightness at high definition resulting in clearer night images. As always, there is a possibility to use it also in day vision thanks to the included filter, to take photos that can be recorded on 64GB SD-CARD and make videos. It functions with 2 rechargeable batteries 18650 and it has a 1920×1080 resolution.



The new flashlight with remote control is also interesting #3932 KONUSLIGHT RC-8 with 1000 Lumens power. It can be mounted on Weaver and Picatinny ring and it has aircraft aluminum body robust and light. A case is included and it has three selectable modes with memory function: 100%, 50% of power, flashing. The set includes type-C charger, 18650 lithium battery, mounting rings and remote command.

News also about tripods and bipods with new models which will see the light in the spring…and then we certainly won’t stop here; the intent remains to think constantly about innovation always paying special attention for the right balance with affordable prices. Keep following us….