Let us discover this GP-branded head flashlight distributed by Konus in armories and photo-optics stores. Beyond the quality of the materials that is instantly perceived by touch and sight, what should be emphasized is the weight of this flashlight of 60 grams that is half the weight of a smartphone. The fact that it is so light is an objective advantage that will allow us to use it without discomfort, practically not noticing that we are wearing it.



The light beam then produces as many as 500 lumens which for a head flashlight is a really high level and allows use for any outdoor activity. Vision will be possible up to the distance of 85 meters and the batteries last 100 hours. It is a rechargeable flashlight with a built-in polymer battery and water resistant with IPX6 rating (I.E. heavy rain and waves).



The compact size of 56x38x39mm makes it a “must have” to keep in your backpack or jacket pocket and exploring the functions will be a pleasure thanks to the two highly intuitive multifunction buttons located at the top of the flashlight:

  • To turn it off, simply press the button twice.
  • If you press and hold either button for a second let’s starts the turbo function that allows you to use the maximum available power and then decrease it for battery saving
  • You can lock the flashlight to the desired function by holding both buttons together for 4 seconds and unlock in the same manner (the green indicator will confirm that the flashlight has been unlocked). This will prevent accidentally pressing any keys and losing the desired mode.
  • Holding down a key for 4 seconds will start the SOS function
  • Holding down a first key and then also pressing the second will start the emergency Beacon function-very useful if you want to be noticed in the forest (it projects a beam into the air that you can detect from a distance)
  • With just one button you activate the Warm White function, useful for example for reading











There are as many as four light intensities, and the lamp head can be rotated vertically 60 degrees. The elastic material headband with reflective band is designed to ensure the highest levels of comfort and stability even when running. This headlamp is intended for those who do not want to give up nature activities just because it is raining or dark.


PHR 17 is equipped with a rechargeable, environmentally friendly 1,600 mAh polymer battery. It avoids the hassle of having to buy new traditional batteries. The front battery is charged with the included USB-C-USB-A cable.

So if you are ready for a new generation of headlamps this is the right product for you!