Shooting instructor Domenico Miccoli tests the Konustex 100% polypropylene underwear line

Low temperatures do not stop sports lovers, who always challenge the weather conditions to enjoy outdoor training, on a bike but also on the shooting range as I do.

In winter, thermal clothing is the most effective shield to stay in the range without suffering the cold, insulating ourselves with fleece, jackets, and thermal shirts.

The thermal shirts that the Italian company Konus S.p.A. he asked me to test in particular they have the peculiarity of being extremely practical, light, ideal for facilitating movements, all to be added to their ability to keep the body warm and dry.

Made of lightweight and resistant technical material, the Programe -30 black long-sleeved thermal shirt and Programe -20 black are insulating and breathable garments, which help control sweating during my training activities in the range, running, or an outdoor workout.

They have a polypropylene composition that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, it is ideal to wear alone or under a windbreaker as they withstand temperatures ranging from -10 ° to + 10 °.