For the hunter who does not like the backpack, the trisacca really becomes a useful and versatile accessory that solves the problem of having to contain “things” in periods when the temperature is still good and there is no need for heavy jackets.

But what are the essential elements to take into consideration when choosing the perfect trisacca?

First you have to establish the material. Most of the trisacche on the market are not waterproof precisely because it is assumed to use them in late summer days or early autumn with favorable weather.
Well it is worth considering the fact that often in these seasons the weather can change suddenly and, even if the trisacca will not protect us from a downpour, if it is waterproof it will preserve the contents that we will put in its pockets and in the rear chaser. Moreover, for a garment exposed to twigs, brambles, and all that the forest can reserve, robustness should be a prerogative. If we can make sure that the fabric used is also breathable, then it will be a further guarantee not to sweat excessively and to be able to wear it with greater comfort. Konustex Geniox 2.0 Trisacca is waterproof up to 10000 columns of water and it is breathable with parameter 10000 g/mq/24h in order to be worn without hesitation even for the whole day.


The other element to observe is given by the pockets. The pockets must be large enough to be able to easily contain the whole hand of the hunter who can thus insert it with extreme ease. Better if the closure is with an automatic button as the velcro make noise and has a limited life. Inside the big pockets of Geniox 2.0 Trisacca we find a further pocket closed with zip and on the left we find a cartridge belt with elastic cells which, if desired, can be left outside the pocket.

It is good then to choose an article that has high visibility since safety remains the priority. Geniox 2.0 model, in addition to having the profiles of the sleeves in orange, on the front it has removable inserts that come out of the pockets which in addition to being orange also have a central reflector.
Even on shoulder straps we find the same system with reflector that can be removed if necessary.
On the back instead, beyond an orange border, there is the possibility to raise an extended orange panel with reflector bar so as to decide, based on the situation, if you want to use it or not.

Large pocket is another detail on which we need to say a word because, as well as being roomy and sturdy, it must not have too low sides so as not to risk the contents falling out. The gusseted bottom ensures that you can fully use it, as well as the ability to lower the top to more easily insert something big.

Like everything we put on our shoulders, let’s remember to check if it is possible to adjust the various loops since otherwise the trisacca can become a torture. Geniox 2.0 model is also equipped with adjustable and padded shoulder straps, there is also a stop on the chest and one at hip height to ensure that everythings remain stationary and positioned. This article is available in 3 sizes and so it it possible to choose the size the best suits your body size. Also with a view to having a comfortable accessory, the back of the trisacca is padded and equipped with a removable support panel.
Having this sort of foil on your back allows you to divide the weight better than what you are carrying, with great benefit for the back.

Details then remain the flagship of Geniox 2.0 as 3D mesh fabric rear pockets where you can place what is better than transpiring or even a simple water bottle. Swiss knives, bird calls, documents… everything will find its place in this practical adventure companion…try it!