The new Konustex clothing catalogue is out with many new features. What immediately catches your eye is a cover with an unpublished photo featuring the face of Ivan Cerasia, a hunter that for a few months he is also the protagonist of various advertisements for Konus and Konustex brand products.

The leap in quality can already be seen from this image in which the young hunter is wearing the Kreato 2.0 suit in the new version with invisible chest pockets and made with tested ultra-performance materia.

At the opening, after an introduction with the photo of Gisella Marini Federcacciatrice who is among the testimonials of the women’s line, we find the five models dedicated to women that have brought so many compliments to the Konus company for the quality of the fabrics, details designed specifically for huntresses and the fit that enhances the feminine lines. This is a jacket and trousers set, a sweatshirt and two vests achieved thanks to the contribution of the Federcaccia’s women’s coordination board and in particular to Isabella Villa who dedicated so much to testing the garments, study improvements and suggest those details that make them extraordinarily appreciated by any huntresses since they keep you warm, they are worn comfortably and they have anti-thorn reinforcements that really protect.

We then move on to the part dedicated to men with two long-awaited new suits. Primarily the Maxgame 2.0 that is to say a high visibility suit appreciated for the possibility of extracting the lining from both the jacket and the trousers to obtain modular thermal insulation. The jacket that is removed becomes a light windproof jacket in turn wearable individually while once you remove the lining from the trousers you will have the possibility of wearing them even in autumn without having to wait for low temperatures. For those looking for versatility in a green suit, here is Grinto 2.0 with a removable internal vest, which can be worn alone and modern, reinforced trousers. These are garments that bear the KY-dry logo which guarantees the fabric test carried out at 10000 columns of water and 24 hours of breathability and which allow it to be combined as desired with other items bearing the same logo.

They follow the models already seen but which, at each production launch, are optimized with new precautions and new ideas as is the case of the Kreato 2.0 jacket on the cover.

Scrolling through the pages, we come across something truly requested loudly by the customers themselves: it’s about Mecum, an anti-thorn trousers that have a very large reinforcement in a special polyester and rubber fabric that acts as an authentic shield against branches and brambles, guaranteeing optimal protection. The piece de resistance are all still there: Gametop orange vest for boar hunters, Notable for feather hunting, the rainproof line which is now a “must” for any hunter to always keep within reach in your backpack or car. Lyseo sweatshirts are enriched with a new camouflage model, without hood but always in the warm fabric that characterizes this line of tried and tested sweatshirts. Surprising is the new Konustex tactical line which starts with the Atalia sweatshirt full of peculiarities as the hood, the patch holder or the possibility to insert the Relise protections (to be purchased separately) and the Reflexo sweatshirt more essential, with half-opening zip and that touch of green that will also make it interesting for hunters. Then there is also Iram black softshell with detachable sleeves so as to become a vest and Kourage jeans, elasticized, capable of concealing magazines, torches and all the equipment that you need to transport discreetly.









The last article of this new line that has taken shape in recent months is the black Tarsis trousers, in elasticized ripstop, with large storage pockets on the thighs and many pockets for objects. All these innovations in the Konustex tactical line have been develope thanks to the precious contribution of Annalberto Miccoli multi-specialized operator of FF.OO., co-founder and chief instructor of the Shooting Academy and of Operational Techniques “International Tactical Combat Academy Italia”.

Here’s what we already know but which cannot be missing from any armory: jackets or shooting vests K-Shot, the Integrex antifang vest for dogs improved in the strength of the stitching and the velcro, Geniox 2.0 trisacca and useful accessories among which the novelty of Frondis gloves stands out suitable for hunting and equipped with an opening index to position it on the trigger, non-slip palm and elastic cuffs.


Gaiters, backpack and mesh bag for mushrooms are successful products for our trademark that we suggest to test for the interest they arouse as well as the extensive line of technical underwear made in Italy 100% polypropylene which is still a growing section in Konustex turnover because the customers who try it can no longer do without it thanks to the high technical insulation, to lightness and to the eco-sustainable policy of this product also pays attention to people with allergy problems.

zaino certo


In short, the Konustex range every year it is more and more complete and presents surprises in each catalog aimed at always satisfying a larger range of customers. The professionalism of the consultants that Konus uses is truly relevant because these are highly experienced people who use these garments, stress them for work or for passion, criticize them and study them so as to improve them more and more. The result is to have garments finished in an extremely accurate way. Do not wait, browse this new catalogue and choose the new garments that can no longer be missing from your wardrobe!