The new night vision riflescope from Konus is called Konuspro NV-3 and has several pluses among which the compact dimensions immediately stand (only 15 cm) and light weight (only 275 gr.) but also the fact of having a manually adjustable quick release coupling that adapts to Weaver and Picatinny.

On the side you can see a Weaver Picatinny rail on which we can mount our ring and consequently our zoomable infrared illuminator. The ring is supplied with an Allen key to tighten the screws but also the side screw which will be used to fix it on the rail. In the package we find the battery charger for all the batteries suppied, equipped with cable, the power supply with its cable, the infrared battery and two batteries to operate the instrument. To insert the battery into the appropriate compartment, we remember to position it with the positive pole towards the inside and spring on the negative. On the side opposite the battery compartment, there is a USB socket for connecting the night vision to the computer and viewing photos and videos there.


Focusing is quick with lots of indications to easily see both up close and from afar. With a button the daytime filter opens, allowing you to easily lower it to view without the filter: if we look at night we will use the item without a filter while if we want to use it during the day we will put the filter on so as to see the colors better. The central button positioned on the screen must be held down for 3 seconds to turn it on; at this point we will immediately see a reticle, at the top right the reticle coordinates, bottom right the battery status, on the left the “ranging” i.e. given a defined height (1,7m in this case it corresponds to the average height of a person), we know, staying within certain notches, at what distance the person is.



If I press the left button once I have two modes: BDC mode which is used to see the distance at which I will shoot (if the reticle is calibrated at 100 meters and then I want to shoot 200 meters, the viewer will make me shoot higher as a correction) and “reticle adjustment” with which the calibration is done. At the top right we find the coordinates, there I can move left or right, in mil or in moa and then by holding down the left button you switch from calibration mode to R mode which means reset and then pressing again with exit and I give ok once I have carried out the calibration.

Many functions:

  • I can choose the type of reticle among the 5 proposed;
  • I can review the videos made;
  • I can see in color, black/white, green or sepia;
  • I can decide if the movements are in mils or moa;
  • With the function “video split time” I can decide the length of the videos;
  • With “video mute” no audio is heard;
  • With “date stamp” you can see the time superimposed;
  • Wwith auto power off you can turn off the instrument after 1,2,3,5 or 10 minutes;
  • I can select the language;
  • I can adjust the screen brightness (three levels i.e. high/medium/low);
  • with “data-time” I set the time and date..


From the main menu if I select “format” all stored videos will be deleted (we remember that the memory is 8GB), “default setting” returns everything to the original settings including the reticle and then indicates which software the viewer is updated with. You can choose not to have any reticle, or select one of the 5 proposed; the choice of the color of the reticle will be made among the 5 colors provided, based on the background and type of brightness.

Switch to compact and high-performance night vision of Konuspro NV-3, it will be the ideal solution for both day and night!